Monday, May 9, 2011

Mon, May 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM

Hola Familia. Wow it was really great to hear from you guys and how everything is at home. I am really sorry Mom but I completely forgot to tell you HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY!!!!. When we were walking back I was wondering why I only talked to you and that Dad didn`t say much and then it hit me that we called because it was Mother`s Day. I was just thinking that it has been another 6 months and that means calling home haha. Well I apologize and I love you lots and lots.

I have sent home various pictures from here. One is when I went on divisions in another area in the zone and we found a bear pig. I had to get a picture before it broke down the gate, haha. It was really big and scary. Another is of a little pet bird. He looked pretty funny so I got a picture of him drinking orange soda out of the soda cap. I guess he likes soda alot and if you try to take it away he will bite your fingers. Another picture is a picture I finally took of our dinner cita. It is fried chicken, fried potato, gallo pinto, salad, and fried platano, with cacao to drink. The last one is of the baptism. The old man is Juan Silva. He is awesome. The little short kid is Daniel (March 21 and March 28) and the guy with slicked back hair we baptized back in February. I just realized that we did 3 generations in the same family. That is cool. the baptism went great but the events leading up to it were crazy and a real headache. But in the end it was all done.

This Sunday a surprise family showed up in place of Erica. I don`t know why she didn`t go because when we went by she was getting all ready with her husband to go but something must have happened. We are going by today to see what happened. We watched The Testaments with her and she liked it a lot. She said that it only makes sense that the Book of Mormon is necessary and she wants to go show it to her Mom now too. A suggestion Rachel, to teach about the Book of Mormon. Tonight we are going to see "On The Lord`s Errand", the one about the life of Thomas S. Monson. She is awesome also.

There isn`t much else that happened but I am loving it out here. From the word on the street I will be staying here another change, making it a whole year in the Zone Sandino.

I love you all lots and lots and I will talk to you next week.

Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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