Monday, March 28, 2011

Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Hey there family and friends. This has been another really cool week and it sounds like yours was too. I didn´t respond to last weeks questions because I hadn´t received them yet when I wrote. But wow there is a lot going on up there in the states. There seems to be a lot of talk about this acid rain and Japan, but I haven´t heard anything about that. I hope you don´t look like that one statue, haha. It sounds like the rate of missionaries going out is keeping up with the missionaries coming back so that is good to hear.

Here it has been really hot and really humid. It is insane. It is the same in the morning as at night. I feel like Mario in the water level where he is just swimming along with that funny music. Also a cement ant bit me this morning and it really hurt. It left a big ol welt.

I attached another picture of a nice Nicaraguan sunset here in Bello Amanacer.

So the baptism of Daniel went great. He and his mom and family came and we did it Saturday in the morning. I will send some pictures. Well one of the days that we went and visited him the Grandpa came out to answer the door. He is pretty slow at walking and uses hearing aids but is pretty cool. His wife is a member but he isn´t. So when we were talking to him we asked if he wanted to get baptized and he said that he thought that that was a good idea. So we are going to complete a family now in about two weeks. The only problem is that he has been smoking since he was 15, but since we talked to him he hasn´t smoked yet. This Sunday he came to church with his wife and listened a little bit and also slept a little bit, but he said he liked it. He doesn´t like all of the Evangelical churches because they are really loud and crazy so he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Really good news about Mario Pilarte. He didn´t drink all last week and has been reading the Gospel Principles book and the Book of Mormon during his lunch breaks. He is doing really great and we are so happy for him and his family. Every time we visit him, I just feel great after the lesson. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but he also has a baptismal date, to complete a family also.

Recently we have gotten a lot of families we are teaching. In the past week we got 56 family references. We have been going and visiting them little by little but now we are really busy. Hermana Ochs I suggest getting the semi from your ward, the list of all of the members, and then visiting members that have been in your ward for a long time. Ask them to mark every person on the list that doesn´t have all the members of the family that are members of the church. Specifically a wife or husband whose spouse isn´t a member yet, because then every lesson is with a member and they have a friendship in the church. It works really well. Also contacting every person you meet.

Well I love you a bunches and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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