Monday, May 2, 2011

Mon, May 2, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Hola Familia, wow a lot of stuff has happened in these past days. It is really great to hear that you are all fine and well. Congratulations Mom on your new job, your quite the care taker if I don´t say so myself. Good to hear that Grandpa will be sailing the open seas again. I did´t realize that it is already Mother´s day again. I will see when I will make a heads up call but I don't know. My English is fine because there are a lot of American missionaries. Maybe I´ll forget a few words here or there but it is fine.

I got the email today just fine so don´t worry. I am writing a little late today so it had all day to get here. Ya I didn´t really notice how much of a mafia they look like until you mentioned it Dad. A lot of people here dress like that so it is normal, haha. But the family is really cool. A few of them are a little strange but they are all members, haha. They invite us to eat lunch with them every Sunday after church.

About clothing here in Nicaragua, there are some cool traditional shirts and nightgowns, but they are in Masaya. Masaya has all of the really cool arts and crafts. Or in the Oriental Market, which is the biggest market in Central America, they say. But that market is off limits for missionaries because there are a lot of thiefs. But I have a feeling that I may head over to Masaya this next change so we will see. As for the Razor Necklace that is probably findable here, haha. I will keep a look out.

Juan was really thirsty this week so he will need to wait a little bit for his baptism. Erica is doing great and is reading the Book of Mormon and looking for an answer.

Those pictures are great. thanks for the picture of San Juan del Sur. I am really looking forward to these outfits haha. But tell Ryan that he can "wipe his tears with one of his wings or something".

I haven´t gotten the Easter package yet. Is it a little bigger than normal, because if so it is held in the office until a conference or something, and then handed out.

The video of Milo wasn´t attached so maybe next week.

That stinks that you missed that meeting. That sounded like a very spiritual and educational meeting. L. Tom Perry, that is crazy. It is awesome to hear about all of the missionaries going into the field and especially from our ward. How many plaques are there now? Taylor should be heading home soon right?

I have attached a picture that I took today. We had our Pday at the beach over in Nagarote and it was awesome to get some fresh air and a little refreshment. The ride there was a little uncomfortable but totally worth it. We fit 22 missionaries in a 17 seater van. When we finally got there I fell out the door onto the sand and rolled around a little. I miss it so much. I got a picture with exploding water like the Little Mermaid too. We went to two different beaches. We also stopped at a seafood restaurant and ate some really good and missed food. It was a really cool trip. There are more pictures but they are in another Elder´s camera so I will see when I can send it out. I am trying to think of what more we did this week but I can´t remember much. I need to start writing it down before again.

Oh they announced that someone is coming from Salt Lake City to here in Ciudad Sandino tomorrow. They are cleaning up the church and putting in a bunch of plants in preparation. Speaking of plants, I am going to try sending some seeds of a really cool flower from here in a package. I want to see if it grows in California because if so it is really cool looking. i will take a picture of how the flower looks like the next time I see it.

Well I am having a great ol time here in Nicaragua and I want to say thanks you guys very very much for helping and supporting me out here. Well I love you a ton and I will talk to you really soon.

Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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