Monday, May 23, 2011

Mon, May 23, 2011 at 4:35 PM

Once again this week I don´t have that much time to say everything I want to but I will see what I can put in. First off, we also had the big hype about the whole end of the world and everything and we are all alright here too. Nothing happened. Of course.

Hey Dad the video you sent me, I wasn´t able to hear the music but it looks funny. I will look for a computer that has headphones next week to see it again. I have heard that "You Got A Friend In Me" song here actually. It sounds really cool.

It sounds like you guys aren´t going to be getting any cookies now, haha. They can get really weird at those games, Oakdalians.

I really liked those pictures of April's family. Everyone is growing up way too fast.

I already have sent off another package for the house last Monday so let me know when you get it. It isn´t that well wrapped haha.

Well I am now in a new area. I guess the rumor wasn´t true about me staying in the Zone Sandino for a whole year. I am now up in the mountains. The weather is really nice. I don´t sweat anymore here. It sometimes reminds me of Yosemite here. There are really big trees all around and it gets misty sometimes. The place is called Jinotepe, and my area is La Concha. The name is short for La Concepcion. I live about 3 blocks from the church so that is nice too. Supposedly it is called the Land of Citrus also. They grow a lot of pineapples and other fruits here so I am loving it. We are also opening up a new area called San Juan. My new companion is Elder Sosa. I haven´t got a picture of him for you yet though. Elder Montierth trained him. He is from El Salvador and he is really animated to work so that is awesome. We also have a very awkwardly placed telephone post, I can send a picture (3 exactly) of that. haha

Well I love you guys lots and lots and I will talk to you later next week.

Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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