Monday, December 27, 2010

Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 3:54 PM

Hola familia. That was really awesome that I could talk to all of you guys and Rachel also. That was really cool. The other missionaries were jealous that I was able to do a conference call with everyone. There isn´t a way though that I could call back again. But thank you guys very much for doing that for us. I went a little over anyways so I may get something for that, haha. The Christmas here went really great and it was an especially good time of the year to teach families.

I got the package from Grandma and Grandpa in the house already, but I haven´t seen it yet. I am really looking forward to opening it. Dad your song was hilarious because I heard that song every single morning this month of December. The lady next door has a sound system that makes the house vibrate and she loves that song. If you didn´t see the translation it is talking about the travel of Mary riding a donkey with Baby Jesus to Bethlehem. It is a popular song here. Did you have a script or did you just listen to the song and figure it out. If it was the latter I would be impressed, haha.

So I have already told you most of the stuff that happened this last week on the phone but there was a few cool things that happened between the call and now. The first is that I had a very interesting dinner that night. It was the whole middle part of a hen (hen without legs or head) and it had a surprise. In the very innards was an egg that never came out I guess. It was all cooked and fine so I ate it out of it. It was really cool.

So this Sunday we had a lot of success bringing people to church. We had 6 people and 1 family, almost 2 families but the wife stayed home. The family was brought by one our investigadores, Jonas. I guess they went once when they were living in Puerto Cabeza, which is on the coast, and they wanted to come with their cousin Jonas, so he brought them along. They are going to be here for a year and they want us to come by and teach them. Then today we were playing soccer for our Pday activity and we had invited Jonas to come to come play us. Well he brought that family again and his brother from the Corn Islands. So we had a fun time playing with them and we have our first actual lesson with them tomorrow. I am so excited for them. They are really cool and just laid back.

Well I don´t have to much time to write more but I love you guys a lot and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 10:32 AM

I was kind of confused from all of those emails all over the place. I guess you guys couldn´t get the email off on time or whatever, but I will still write you back. So it sounds like we won´t be able to do the conference call thing with the different time sets and arrangements. It is fine. Just a few more questions: have you heard anymore updates about the papers for Chad and Isreal? What kind of stuff have you heard from the other missionaries out in the field? Any cool or funny stories? Kyle and CJ should be back home already, right? If so, how are they and what are they doing? That is pretty much the main questions I had for you. You could probably just tell me about that stuff in my phone call home but you can think of the answers now and then have them ready for me.

So this upcoming Saturday we have a baptism ready for the abuelita who was a reference for us to teach. She is a really nice grandma and funny too. She has about the same situation as Doris with her husband being a rock head. He is fine with her getting baptized but says only two words to us. We will get him too, we just need to find his soft spot. We are also going to have another one Sunday early in the morning for Manual Cruz and possibly his wife and daughter. If so we can have a whole family. That would be great and really cool. As for other investigators, they are coming along.

Last Pday we tried to climb that really big hill again that has a cool view of the Volcano of Momotombo but we got lost and once again had to come down without success. This Pday we plan on getting a truck from a member and Christmas Caroling with the missionaries. We are going to go and visit the investigators and recent converts and less actives of our areas. I am really looking forward to it.

So this week we have just been working and setting off fireworks. We got a new sister in the ward to wash our clothes for us and we are now cooking for ourselves in the house for lunch. We just buy as close to American food as we can and it is going great. Today we are going to make Spaghetti. I may have already told you about that but I am not sure.

Well I don´t have much to write about his week but I still love all very much. I am looking forward to this Saturday so that I can talk you guys and see how things are going. Well love you lots and Big Hearts.

Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Hey I just got your email so don´t worry. That is really awesome concerning what is going on up there. I am sorry to hear about Rose and how she is passing away. You guys are pretty busy with everything going on with the ward. That is awesome that you guys are combining the Spanish speakers into the ward. They may seem strange but that is just because you don´t understand what they are saying. They are actually really cool and they are all children of God. It would be interesting Dad to hear you singing Spanish songs. If you want it would be cool to get a recording of that. The name Tonky is actually a really popular name for dogs here. The owners of the house named him that. Just to let you know, that will be my dog´s name in the future. I just hope he isn´t as crazy as the one here haha. So far I have only gotten one package and yes I have already gotten into it. It is not possible to wait when you know what good things are in there and being peer pressured from the other missionaries. It has really awesome presents inside. I have already played the whole hymn book with the Ocarina, hurt my fingers with the yo yo, eaten pretty much all of the candy, but I still lack the Mentos Geyser. I haven´t decided which soda I want to send up. Those pomegranate candies are so good tasting. Where did you find them? Those Kool-Aid tabs are pretty nifty and tasty. Thank you guys so much. But ya I have only gotten one package so far from you guys. Looking forward to talking to you on Saturday. Love you all and Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 9:36 AM

Entonces esta semana fue tuanis aqui en Sandino (So this week was real cool here in Sandino). So ya I have gotten your package about last week I think. I am really excited to open the stuff inside and I am kind of worried that there is something in one of them that may get attacked by the creatures in our house. Thank you so much for that. Everyone is pretty jealous of me. We actually haven´t really gone back to talk to the rooster fighting guy but we need to. We have been pretty busy with everyone else that we are teaching. I will see about the whole conference call thing. Those pictures of the house are really cool. It looks really comfy. That is a pretty clever hat you got there Dad. Those pictures of us painted was pretty funny too. I look like a little wierdo.

So I have been having a really great time here in Sandino still. The other day we went to an investigators house so that she could show us how to make Nica tamales. It is pretty cool. I forgot to bring my camera so I didnt get any pictures. What they do is first lay down leafs from a plantain tree which serves as the cover and protects it from water getting in. They put down corn dough, pork, chunk of fat from pork for flavor, rice, tomato, onion, a leafy thing, and then a chile that is really hot. They then wrap it up really tight and then tie it off with a cord from the same tree that is really strong. The funny thing is that I got Elder Feliciano to eat some of the really hot peppers and I bought him a soda. Afterwards we went to watch the Joseph Smith movie for a lesson and he was rubbing his eyes. He still had pepper juice on his hands so had quite a teary experience during the movie haha.

Those pictures I sent are of the Zone the day before changes, these goats that Elder Feliciano was fascinated by, and our Christmas photo with Tonky the house dog. He all of a sudden got nice and now he is our best friend. We even bought him a Christmas hat and Elder Montierth gave him a tie. It took a lot a shots to get one of him looking at the camera. Also at this time there are a lot of fireworks and bombs for sell and Elder Feliciano has some extra money to spend. This one in the picture cost 3 dollars and was a very big explosion. We all ran inside for cover for this one. Don´t worry though because our motto is "Safety First".

So we are doing really great here and we have a bunch of families getting ready for baptism. I am so excited for it. I love you all very much and I will talk to you again next week. Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 12:26 PM

Hey there family and friends up in the states. It sounds like you guys are having a good time. You guys have a lot of stuff going on keeping you busy. I am going to write Grandma and Grandpa to tell them thanks for that Christmas present. The Thanksgiving video was really awesome also. Thanks for all of your lovings. That is awesome that you got to celebrate the Dutch Christmas. Here at that same time all of Nicaragua is celebrating the Shout of Mary. They go crazy all day and night lighting of fireworks, which are really just bombs, here. It is the time of the year that is most crazy and people from all over like to come here to Ciudad Sandino to celebrate. There are so many Mary statues here.

I didn´t tell you guys last week because I didn´t find out till Wednesday, but I am now a District Leader here. There are about 6 missionaries all together in our district. It is pretty fun and I like doing it. I get to talk to a bunch of the missionaries and see how they are doing and stuff. I also get to do Baptismal Interviews for them. I have done one already but he didn´t pass for this week. He has to wait one more week so he can stop drinking coffee. I have fun going to different areas too while on divisions with them. We live in the same house of the Zone Leaders so it is really cool getting help from them to when I need it. So ya I also get to write a lot of numbers so my addition will be excellent by the time I get back home haha.

Hey Rachel we also had 5 investigators come to church so that is awesome. It is the best we have been doing for a while here. One of them is named Jonàs and he is so pilas. He is 16 and is wanting to change around his life and wants to become like us missionaries. So we decided to bring him to our lessons and just doing actual missionary work. He is having a lot of fun too. He says he has a lot of references for us to go visit and also keeps us safe from certain roads and people that are dangerous when we walk at night. He knows pretty much everyone which is cool too.

We also got to see an actual rooster fight this past week. We were going around and visiting and we happened to pass by when they were having a match. It wasn´t all that exciting but the people yelling made it a lot more of a frenzy. We only saw one and decided to go when some people kept coming up to us asking for bets.

I am having a great time here and don´t worry, I am safe. We are getting more and more ready for baptism so hopefully they can take that last step. Thanks for all of your love and support. Big Hearts y Adios.

Elder Ochs