Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mon, May 16, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Wow that was a good letter from the family. There sure is a whole lot going on. It was also really funny too. Ya Dad, concerning the baptism of Juan Silva. The slicked back hair guy is Erlin Silva. Juan Silva is his Dad. Daniel is the son of the sister of Erlin. The boy in the orange shirt is the son of Erlin, and yes he does where that shirt a lot. That is normal for Nicaraguans because they usually have maybe 5 shirts that they where over and over again. It is an easy way to recognize people because you remember yellow shirt guy is Juan or black patches is Baker, haha.

Yes it has started the raining season and my area is mainly dirt, now mud, roads. I have a little umbrella now though so it should be better than last year. Today we find out if I have changes so I will know tonight. We will see what happens. I actually wouldn`t mind staying in my area just a little bit longer because we have a few people lined up for baptism. We will see though.

Dad the table clothes here are very strange. I don`t know why they changed all of the colors of the fruit but almost every house here has the exact same table cloth.

Ericka couldn`t go to church this Sunday because she went all the way up to Chinandega with her Mom this weekend. I am not sure why though. We haven`t got to visit her all this week because it was just bad timing and missed citas. The other guy named Omar Castillo went to church with us again this Sunday and he liked it a lot. We went and taught him the first time with our Bishop and it went really well. He has already been reading the Book of Mormon before we even got there. We are also teaching another family in the same house and they are looking for a religion to put themselves in. So we are going to help them find the best one. Omar also has a problem with drinking and it is the reason why now he isn`t living with his family. We are going to find out where they live and tell them about how he is changing and how they can support him by being baptized in the same church also. We will see how it goes. This Sunday Mario, Juan , and Fransisco all received the Sacerdocio (Aaronic Priesthood) and are getting ready for June when they will get the Sacerdocio Mayor (Melchizedek Priesthood). Fransisco Urbina is the guy we baptized this Saturday. I got to do it too so that was awesome. I forgot to tell him to plug his nose on accident so I cleaned out his Sinusitis at the same time, haha.

I love you guys lots and lots and lots and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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