Monday, October 25, 2010

Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Hola familia y amigos. So this week was really awesome. First off I am still here in Sandino for another change with a new comp. The even cooler thing is that he is brand new in the mission and I am training him. And even cooler than that is that he is from Florida and already knows how to speak Spanish and English. His Spanish has a greengo accent but he knows how to speak just fine. His name is Elder Feliciano. I just took a picture of him here in the Cyber so I could send you a picture. He is really cool and we get along great. He reminds me a lot of Brice actually. His parents are both from Mexico. His Mom served a mission in Mexico and he Dad was once a Super Bago, which means Super Bum, until he was baptized into the church. He is already contacting, teaching, and everything. He is really pilas. So now in our house, Spanish has become ruled out because all four of us missionaries living there are greengos and speak English. Don`t worry though because my Spanish is doing fine and I am actually learning more with him because he understands my questions I have for him about Spanish. So ya are having a fun time.

The other picture is our zone before changes in front of our church. We usually take a picture like that before we split. This change, 5 new missionaries came to the zone and 18 greengos all together in Nicaragua Sur with maybe 6 Latinos. This mission is becoming a greengo mission. We actually outnumber all the Latinos haha.

You know how I was telling you about the guy that wants Twizzlers. Well his name is Hermano Falabela and he just saved us a baptism for this weekend. We had been working with this one investigator named Dennis forever and we couldn`t get him to stop smoking. No matter what we did he wouldn`t stop. Well this Hermano Falabela swears to it that he can make any smoker quit smoking just talking to them. So he came over with us to the Dennis`s house, took the guy to another room, talked to him for about half an hour, and the guy totally gave up smoking and is getting baptized this Saturday the 30th. It was crazy. And then this Sunday in Sunday School, Dennis just pretty much took over the lesson and taught it himself. He all of a sudden became pilas, when for months we couldn`t get him to do anything. So that was really awesome.

Dad you talked about that one activity with the plane built inside of the chapel and I guess they did that exact same activity a year or two ago in Managua and it had a really good turn out. That is funny that you mentioned that though. I didn`t really get that many pictures of the Titanic activity. There were other missionaries that did so maybe I can get some from them.

Dad don`t worry about sending floppy keyboards to me because I am fine. Mom I am really jealous about you having the 5th Leven Thumps book right now and you guys eating spaghetti. Too bad Milo behaved when Dad was holding him haha. I can`t wait to get the photo. And I definitely want to see Dad`s Viking outfit haha.

Well thanks for the letters and what not. I am having a really great time here in Ciudad Sandino and serving the Lord. The people here have really become family to me and it will be hard to leave from here, if I do. The time just seems to be picking up faster and faster and I am worrying if I will meet the goals I set to complete while here. Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.

Thanks again and Adios.

Elder Ochs

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Hola Familia y Amigos. Today we get to find out if we have changes or not. I will probably be here for another change. I really like it here in Ciudad Sandino. It is a great area.

So Dad you asked about that candy I was requesting. I guess I had a pretty bad typo because I was trying to spell the candy Twizzlers. Maybe I should do some spelling checks before I send off my emails now. So ya he wanted Twizzlers, filled if you can.

And you asked about the word "Pilas" here it means to work hard or go the extra mile or like you said to put on the pressure. They use it a lot here in the mission. We also have another verb here called "jarron azul" which means to do anything to accomplish your goal. It comes from a short movie called "The Quest" which you can probably find on YouTube. It is really old and pretty funny.

Dad you always seem to find the strangest things to make you look small. It was a pretty funny picture. Thanks for the pictures of Elder Harmer too and ya, he was in our District and room in the MTC. That is funny the El Jardines guy still remembers us. Ya it is fine if Grandpa wants to write me, I have time.

So Mom I didn`t get very many pictures of our activity but here are two. We had over 500 people show up for it and it was pretty crazy. I was working in the bar and they just totally raided us and took everything. The Nicas are so crazy. The activity was called the Titanic so we built this really big Titanic inside of the chapel and the rooms around the building were like places in the boat. All of the missionaries and others helping got to dress up in sailor outfits that a sister made for us. We started it with the part of the movie where the Titanic starts up and takes off, projected up on the wall. We had a Bar, Fortune Telling room, Disco, Casino, Theater room, Dancing and others. We then had the boat crash and we had that part play on the projector while we shook the boat from inside. Everyone freaked out when the scene came up of the rats running down the hall. We had all the women and children leave for outside to get in the safety boats, while the husbands and men stayed inside. We talked about the importance of the family and everything. It turned out well and we got a lot of references.

A lot of this week was spent working on the Titanic. The raining season has about ended I think so now it it going to be just really hot and dry for 6 months till the wet season.

I don`t have much more to write now so I will be ending this letter. So I love you guys a lot. Talk to you next week.

Elder Ochs

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 4:46 PM

Hola familia. So I keep trying to send pictures home but it always messes up. The computers here are really difficult sometimes. I got one that has a landscapish view.

OK, here are a few more pictures from our trip to Momotombo Volcano last P-Day.

That story about Brennan and Al sounds crazy. (They rolled over in a Jeep while on a hunting trip) I am glad they are alright though.

So I got my Halloween package this last Saturday and I liked it a lot. Those pictures were awesome of all the family. I really liked it alot.

About the Christmas package, there is a member here that works with us a lot and he asked us to tell our parents whenever they are about to send a package to put "Tears" in there because he loves them and they are nowhere to be found here. He said his favorite are the "filled ones"? So if it is possible that would be cool. Other than that I don`t really have any requests.

That is sad that Honey died =(.

The line that I mentioned in the last email that I thought was funny was when Elder Uchtdorf was beginning his talk about trees or something and then he said "But you are probably wondering what that has to do with planes." Just because that is usually he puts into his talks. Our family that we got to Conference is going along great and there is a possibility that they will be baptized this week. So we are going to put the pilas to get them prepared.

This last week has been a little crazy so I don`t remember too much and I didn`t write in my journal at all this last week. We have being telling people all about this activity we are going to have this Saturday called the Titanic. We are building a huge ship inside of the church with a iceberg and everything. They did it in Managua last month and it was a big success bringing investigators and less actives. I will try to send back pictures of it and how it goes.

The other day Elder Garcia and I were in one of our areas looking for new people. This area is up in the hills next to Lake Managua. We found this little dirt path that ran along the hill and we followed it. It ended up taking us to the tippy top of the hill and we had a really cool view of Managua, Lake Managua, Sandino and a bunch of other areas. The only problem is that I wasn`t carrying my camera because it wasn`t the safest place. We found a lot of new places we didn`t know was in our area so we will be working up there the next few weeks.

Other than that it has been really cool working here in Ciudad Sandino. I am having a lot of fun here and I really like the area. I am learning a lot here and I`m definitely changing. I can`t imagine living without this Gospel in my life and the comfort it brings me knowing that I am in the right church. We talk with so many people that are so lost and confused and I am here to help them find the truth. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation that enables us to return again to our Heavenly Father with our families for the eternities. Just want to say that I love you all and adiĆ³s till next week.

Elder Ochs

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Hi. So I don´t usually know how to start my emails because the first sentence is always the hardest. That was fine.

General Conference was so awesome. We got to see almost every talk. We missed the one when President Uchtdorf talked about pride during the Priesthood Session. He was about 30 seconds into his talk when the satellite lost reception for about 20 minutes because of the storm. It came back on just when Eyring stepped up. We got to watch all of them in English but there was ten of us Elders in one small room watching it on a normal TV. But it was really great and I have a lot to change. I would quote a line that Uchtdorf said on Sunday that was really funny but I don´t want to ruin it for you Mom and Dad. We also had one of our families come to the Conference and I was so glad. They already looked like members all dressed up with there little girl. We are definitely baptizing them.

So before General Conference during the week we had a Missionary Conference. We had interviews with Presidente Monestel. I passed and it was a fun Conference. We learned a lot about the importance of recent converts. They only have one year concentrated with the missionaries to get ready for the temple and that time is really precious.

This week the Zone Leaders bought some more turtle eggs for Hermana Gema to cook for our dinner because Elder Montierth has never tried them. Well it was pretty nasty again but he ate three eggs. I´m not sure why he didn´t just stop at one, haha. I didn´t realize the first time but we actually eat the premature turtle with his shell, nasty.

Speaking of food, our new lunch cita at the pharmacy makes a lot of good food. The only problem is that every time we eat all the food, she adds more the next time because she thinks we are still hungry. So from the original servings we got before they are now doubled and we are kind of shy to tell her that she is killing us. We will probably tell her today.

So we went and hiked the mountain across from Momotombo Volcano last Pday. It was awesome. I got a lot of cool pictures that I am trying to send. It reminded me a lot of scouts when we would go on those big hikes and be joking around the whole time. There was some pretty crazy views up there. The whole time there was a light sprinkle of misty rain so it kept us nice and cool but the trail was really muddy in spots. We didn´t have time to go to the very top to get a cool picture of Momotombo though.

My Spanish is coming along well. I am enjoying studying too. The water and electricity goes out at least once every day here but it is when we are out in the street so it doesn´t matter. At night it is always fine. The ketchup and rice thing is something they like here for some reason so yes we eat it with our rice. The rice doesn´t have any flavor so you have to change it up some way. It sounds you guys had a lot of fun up in Yosemite. It looks really cool. That Midget Wizard was really mystical, haha!! It made me laugh so hard. I was expecting a gnome or something.

I am loving it here in Nicaragua and I can´t wait for the stuff to come. I am definitely changing a lot about myself here and learning how to be more like Jesus. I am trying to be better than the day before everyday. Thanks for always loving and supporting me.

Love you much and Really Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs