Monday, November 28, 2011

Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 2:12 PM

Alright so you had an awesome Thanksgiving. The "Bottle of Power" sounded fun to play, haha. It was fun here too. The mission gave us money to buy something for Thanksgiving and we put the zone money all together and bought pies, ice cream and milk. That was pretty tasty. That is what we did for Thanksgiving.

Dad as far as where is my house, you got it, that is the Plaza with the tree and everything. I do live close to a lot of cool stuff but I haven´t visited any of them yet. The Plaza has a big carnival there right now so that is going on 24/7. But my house is from the Presidential Palace all the way to the left. If you can zoom in around there I think I can spot it out. Between the National Theater and the Palace I am pretty sure.

No I haven´t seen Brother Falabella for a while because he is working a lot in his business and isn´t going on splits with the missionaries now. I am writing him though and he is doing good. That hanger in the picture is his actually which is why I took a picture with it, haha. Elder Montierth was dressing up for Halloween and he went as Trix the Rabbit. I think he just found the mask thing and made a costume out of that. He is actually getting married soon. He is already engaged haha. But he is having fun I guess, haha.

As far as the BYU thing, I think that you are right about waiting it out. I saw that calendar and it confused me. I don´t think that I am supposed to do it yet. I am just so glad that the yards will be spotless when I get home, not till next year for me, haha. Ya I still need to get more stuff before handing out the stuff from the package. I think that I will wait till I can pass them out personally. There isn´t as much cool things where I am at right now.

This weekend we had our baptism for Gabriela and it went good.
I got to baptize her so that was cool. She is like 12 years old and the family is really cool. The rest of the family are members except for the little girls. They are really cool. We also had a a whole family that came to church and they liked it a lot. They have been having a lot of family problems and we have been helping them out. Hopefully we can baptize them before the end of this change. The bishop has been going out with us a lot and that is awesome. He really likes to do missionary work. Tonight we are going to have to Family Home Evenings with him.

This Wednesday Elder Amado of the Setenta (Seventy) for Central America came and talked to us. He gave us training on missionary work and it was really good. He talked about how Nephi was allowed by the law to kill Laban because they were living the Law of Moses where it was eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. When Laban tried to kill him unjustly that automatically gave him permission to get him back. But it isn´t like that now, haha.

Well I love you all lots and lots

The amount of stink there is in this Cyber right now next to an open sewage Hearts,

Elder Ochs

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 11:39 AM

So ya there is now a whole bunch of emails that I have to catch up on. A lot are from others that I wrote last week when I had extra time, haha.

I did get a lot of pictures taken of our little unique apartment. Here is a tour of our place:

So this is the first floor where we study at different angles so you can see everything,

There are the stairs,

and the view looking up the stairs,

getting to the top of the stairs,

and then turning to the right,

This is the little walk way to the sleeping room,

the bathroom door to the right as you first enter the room,

my bed,

the bathroom.

This is the view I have in the mornings of the things around me while in bed.

My companion's bed.

So there are also a lot of questions you have sent to me to answer. Hopefully I get the majority of them. Well first Dad I don´t recognize the picture you took. Maybe it would be better if you found the chapel in Acahualinca and then it is like 10 blocks East I think. Hopefully that helps. I won´t be able to see Brother Falabella but I will see Elder Amado the new Seventy. I have met Falabella before though, he is cool I guess. The video you sent me was really funny about the stolen candy on Halloween.

Yes, I need the answers to those questions you sent me Mom about school. I don´t know anything about that or how to do the paper work. Maybe if you sent me the requirements for me then I can do what I need to do here. They give us time to do that.

Hey I am going to buy the house next door. Save it for me for when I get back, haha.

I have never heard of the Frisbee rule (the guide book for the Nicaragua Mission discouraged the Missionaries from bringing Frisbees or Footballs to the Mission) but that would be weird if it was one. What could happen with a Frisbee? Yes, The boy I gave my plastic top to was able to get me a nice wooden one. I have gotten it down alright but I don´t know how to battle. Hopefully little kids don´t challenge me.

Sunday we had two investigators in Church and one is getting ready for a Baptism this Saturday. It is a 12 year old girl and we are activating her family. They are really cool people and funny.

Mom I found out a secret to make your fruit trees give fruit twice as much in the year. A old lady told me that if you put CDs, ornaments and other wierd stuff in a tree or plant it gets embarrassed and it blooms more flowers and gives more fruit to look good again. You should try it out.

Well I got to finish up now but I love you all a ton

I can´t think of a size vast enough to express Hearts for you,

Elder Ochs

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:55 AM

Hey this is the only photo I think you don´t have.

It is my comp and me. I am eating a chocolate covered marshmallow with a gummy mouth and nose.

I am writing a little bit early today which is maybe why I haven´t got any thing from you guys yet. Elder Stanley and I are working a lot better this week together now. We started off a little rough but it is better now. There is still some stuff to correct but little by little. I am his Step-Dad so he only knew his Father. We got a new lunch lady to cook for us. She lives closer than the other. She is Chinese but doesn´t know how to make Chinese food. She came here when she was twelve so she is pretty Nica now. She is kinda of old and crazy. She has like 8 dogs in the house and she grabs them by the two side legs and drags them around. She also feeds the stray dogs outside. She is a pretty good cook though. She is always getting on Elder Stanley for not finishing all of his food, haha. She saw that he was giving me his juice yesterday, haha. She doesn`t really care though when I leave food on the plate, haha. She is crazy.

I got a cool top. One of our recent converts gave me one of his and I have been practicing a lot. I got it down but now I want to do some tricks. Everyone here knows how to spin tops. It is a childhood experience for all Nicas. I had a plastic one but I gave it to a kid so he could win me a wooden one which is better. They have battling competitions to win other peoples tops here.

Today we played Ultimate Frisbee for the first time in my whole mission. Another Elder has been asking his parents for one his whole mission but they didn`t send it until now and he is going home this change, haha. It was a lot of fun and now the zone wants to play it more. I made a lot of touchdowns. They were saying that I was the Chery Picker, haha. I do like cherries.

Sunday we had two investigators that came to church so that was really cool. We had a lot of people telling us that they were coming but didn`t show up. Maybe we will have more this next Sunday, yes.

Alright well I love you guys lots and hope to hear from you soon.

Lucha Libre Hearts,

Elder Ochs

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Wow wow a lot did happen in this last week. It seems like a long time since the last time I wrote for some reason though. So yes I am in a new place but in the same Zone I was in about a 1 1/2 years ago. I am in Managua again with the heat. My area is really close to my last area Linda Vista actually. My area is called Acahualinca. We are right next to a place called the Plaza which is used for performances and everything. Right now they have a really tall Christmas lights tree that you can see from the house. There is also a carnaval right now and it goes all night. Recently they did the elections so everyone has been crazy here. Unfortunately you can`t carry around your camera here because robbing is normal. So I may not be sending as many photos now and there aren`t really any cool plants and flowers either. I do have a few pictures for this week though:

A picture of my last zone

My flight plans for coming home. It will be on Jan 26.

A chicken with crazy frizzy feathers.

Me with a hanger in my new house. Brother Falabella is a good friend that was in the Ward when I was last here in Managua.

Now we have running water so that is nice. The house that we are in is pretty cool also. I meant to take pictures but I forgot. It is two stories tall but not all that much space. We sleep upstairs and it is kind of tucked away and hidden so I like it a lot. It is kind of like a little fortress haha. I will probably die here like Rachel said but I am fine with that. We have a nice grocery store here that has a lot of nice food so I am excited about that. I bought Chex Mix the other day there. They recently built a new capilla (Chapel) that is really nice. Sunday we only stayed for the Sacrament session so that the people could go vote. That Sunday so many people gave us red soda, like 2 liters each of us. I was sick of soda. My new comp is Elder Stanley from Panama! He said that he is from the capital. I don`t know if you knew him Rachel. I will send a picture next week of him. He likes to work a lot so that is great. I am his Step Dad so he is pretty new here. I eventually broke in half his one dollar air soft gun though because he kept shooting me, haha. But that is the news here.

Now to answer the other questions. The Beaches here are really nice and very warm. I definitely want to come back here to swim and surf and whatnot.

It sounds like you all had a fun Halloween there. Dad the video you sent didn`t work, I don`t know why.

For Pday today we played a game that we invented here in Nicaragua in my last area. It is called "Horseball". You play it on a court where it has the lines for Basketball and Volleyball. It is a mix of a few games. There are three people on each side inside of the yellow box for volleyball. there is a box between the two boxes also. You need to kick the ball past the other side with only two kicks from your side. The ball has to touch the inside of the box and you can`t touch it if it goes in the middle. It is called Horseball because you make crazy hits which they call here being a horse. Being a horse is when you do dumb stuff and sometimes in this game you make dumb kicks or you do kicks like a horse. I will have to show it to you all when I get back because it is actually really fun.

Hey Rachel I was thinking about applying for BYU Provo for the April-September session. Could you look that up for me and help me out with that?

Well I love you guys a ton like always and I hope to hear more interesting stories next week.

Tuna Hearts,

Elder Ochs