Monday, May 30, 2011

Mon, May 30, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Hey everyone how is it going? I am doing grreat here in La Concha. I have a few pictures to send this time:

This is part of our area that is really cool looking. There are a lot of mountains and trees and crops of pineapple all along the mountain ranges. It is really cool. This is my comp Elder Sosa that is a little strange but a lot of fun.

The pictures on the beach was our Pday activity today and it was also a lot of fun. It was really pretty there. This is the actual ocean this time. We played a little soccer on the beach too and that got really tiring really fast. Also the ball we had had a huge hole that you could fit your big toe into. It was really hard to get it moving, but I made all of the goals for our team. Man soccer is a lot of fun. I think I will get into it when I get back. I almost set sail on this boat but then I decided not to. The other missionary that is in the pictures is Elder Harrison from Yucaipa. He is the one that was in the same ward as Evan and all of them. We are the best Californian buds here, haha. They had a fun restaurant there on the beach that had hammocks set up out front. Then there is a picture of all of our zone here.

The last picture is of the kid I brought with us to hang out. He is the one that greeted us with a bunch of bananas our first day here. He just started chucking a whole stock of them at us on the balcony so we had a war that ended up with him having banana stuffed in his mouth, nose and ears haha. He is crazy but cool haha. He just got assigned to be a ward missionary with us so that is cool. He lives below us on the first floor. His name is Norman, like my old barber, haha.

Wow my package did get there really fast. That is one thing about Nicaragua, they get stuff sent out fast. Maybe that is why there is a lot of drug trafficing here, haha. Concerning the drink mix I sent for you all to try, no we don´t have really cool fruit mixtures here. The Toro is actually not that great and will probably give you a sore throat. But by the time that you received this email you may have already drank it. I know the next stuff I will send though. It is called Pinolio. It is only made here in Nicaragua. Also Avena. The only fruit mixes here is Tang and you can buy that anywhere, haha. They make a lot of drinks here that leave a clump of the material at the bottom which flavors the added water or milk. You can eat the stuff at the bottom but I usually don´t.

That music I put in the box I sent home is really crazy music and you should be careful listening to it because it may give you impulses to do crazy things also. It seems to have that affect on the people here, haha. It is mainly just to have memories from here of walking in the streets and hearing it, haha. Braydon and Brennan may like it, haha.

But wow everything is going by quickly there at home. Braydon and Brennan sound like they are doing great. I am praying for them and you guys every night, you know.

Well I don´t have much time this week so I will have to close up a little early, but I want to tell you all that I love you a way a lot.

Gigantic hearts and keep close to the Lord.

Elder Ochs

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