Monday, December 26, 2011

Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 2:05 PM

Hola Hola familia. It was really great to hear from you all Saturday. It was good to hear how you were doing and what not. Hey, you never told what the surprise was for Uncle Mark. I really like the chess set too. I also like the picture in the back of Rachel and me in the mission. That is awesome.

Christmas here was pretty good I guess. We got invited to different houses to eat boiled chicken so that was great, haha. That night everyone lit off fireworks, or more like bombs, at midnight to celebrate so that was cool too. Not too many people showed up to the Sacrament Meeting the next day and we only had one investigator that went. The Jimmy and Cristina family are wanting more time before they get baptized and now a bunch of problems are coming to stop them. It is really difficult.

Today we went to the Market and I almost got everything for everyone. This market is a little more expensive than the the one in Masaya but it was reasonable. We then ate some Hamburlooca and that was good. I pretty much already talked about the other things that have been going on here in the phone call so there isn`t too much more to talk about, haha.

I hope all of you are well and wish you a Happy New Year. I love you lots and lots.

Amount of times we should forgive Hearts,

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 3:32 PM

Wow it is great to hear all of the great things that are happening. That movie Hugo, I read the book once when we were at Barnes and Noble. The book is mainley just pictures and the ending was strange. It was supposedly given a bunch of awards as a book but that is cool that they made it as a movie too. They need to do the Bartimus Trilogy or some of the Peter Pan books or the one with the kid and his little friend. Sorry Mom about your bad experience and they you didn`t get to try any of the good looking food. Did you guys order the candle from Oregon or something? That is awesome that the Primary got to do a small Christmas presentation for the ward. I can`t wait to see all of the little ones all grown up, haha. The video greeting worked but I used a Cyber without headphones so I wasn`t able to listen to it. It was nice to see all of your smiling faces though. That would be cool Dad to get an insulated hammock. They don`t sell those here though because insultation isn`t necesary. The President Daniel Ortega has his house pretty protected and you can`t go in without a setup visit ahead of time. It is completely blocked off by huge green fences with police all around. Maybe I will give him a call though. I told you those slippers were a hot item, haha. I will start preparing my talk now and the fireside will be easy. Is Kaleb going to be there too? What is his Topic? You aren`t serious about the fancy Beans and Rice restraunt, right? I would not eat there for a while. I think that I will get Tyler a soccer outfit of the favorite team here or something. Dad you put quite the dent in the horn. Can you put cereal in the dent in your back, haha. I imagine the wall got a little scratched up too. I have eaten that Top Ramen with egg here too, haha. It is pretty good.

Today was an even worse Pday than last week. The one year anniversary of the Mission President is comming up so we had a multi-Zone planning meeting to put together something for them. We went to the chapel but it felt like we really didn't get that much done for 2 hours. I got to meet missionaries from other zones though so that was cool. We are preparing something but it is hard to have order with a bunch of missionaries during Pday.

I haven`t got the package yet. Is it kind of big? I may get it at the last changes.

I do have two new pictures for you:

Here is a picture of me studying in my room.

And this is a picture of me with my new companion Elder Bala. He is going to finish the mission with me. He also went to the MTC with his siter and she already went home in August too. He is really cool and we are going to finish strong here in Acahualinca. He is from Guatemala and he is 25 years old. His parents aren`t members but all of his brothers and sisters are.

We tried a soup that I would have never imagined eating Saturday night. Bone marrow soup. The substance is a little more solid than a lugi. It leaves a filmy slime on your tetth too. It was a gagging experience but we finished it. The good thing is that I found Chocolate Chip Cookie mix in the store so we are going to make that for the Family Home Evening treat. I am going to finish the mission with my two kids in the same zone too. Elders Feliciano and Santos, so that is really cool! Hey has there been an Elder Bowers in the Oakdale ward within these past two years. One of the missionaries here is best friends with him and he believes that he served in our ward. Well it is going good and I can`t wait to see you all again. Love you tons and...

How much I can`t wait to see everyone Hearts,

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Well it is great to hear from all of you again this week. So did the sleeping bag over the hammock work, haha. I would expect it to be a little breezy at the top.

Dad you finally found the house. That is it at the corner.

About the talks that we have to give when we get back, do you know what they are on or about? I can start now a little bit ahead of time, haha. What kind of fireside will it be? For our ward, stake, or something else?

Dad I have already forgotten your number and just to be safe could you send me the number of Mom and Rachel too.

For some reason Google couldn´t show the videos. I will see if it works on other computers but I am not sure.

Ya last Pday was boring and also this one. We were going to go play baseball with the zone today but my comp takes forever to get ready so when we had gotten to the chapel they had already left and I don`t know where to. Um, the president would machete me if I showed up at his house because it isn`t in my area and the missionaries don`t visit him.

Happy Anniversary to the both. Mom, hurry and buy those Batman slippers because that is a hot item that goes fast, haha. Rachel, my hair turned out good I guess. I forgot to take a picture of it to send.

As for my week, this was the last week of the change. Today I will find out who is going to kill me. My last change starts Wednesday.

Our animated family came to church this Sunday and also a surprise family that we weren`t expecting. The family of Jimmy and Cristina are going to get baptized this weekend. Our zone leaders came and interviewed them last night and they are good to go. We need to go talk to the surprise family tonight to see if they want to get baptized.

As for the gift for Tyler, do you think that he would like one of the tops. I want to get him a traditional Nicaraguan shirt but I don`t have access to one here. I will bring one when I get home.

Well I love you all lots and lots,

Amount of cobblestones in Nicaragua Hearts,

Elder Ochs

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 12:10 PM

Alright well it was great to hear from you all. That trip of the Kimball's was really awesome. That movie "Cricket on the Hearth" sounds like a classic, haha. Did you rent it or buy it? Poor little Luke, sounds like us with Ryan, haha. Maybe that is why he walks all funny like now. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you very much and I love them a ton. I am not sure that the Seventies stiff arm regular members but I hope not, haha.

Well now I know where the house is. So there is a block where there a bunch of little blue roofed houses all lined up at the upper right hand corner. Go four blocks to the left. In that block it is the long brown roofed house at the bottom right corner. We live there at the corner. Hopefully you find it.

Wow President Gelwix is pilas. That is awesome. The missionaries work really hard for their baptisms.

Dad don´t worry. I will inherit those slippers, haha. Hopefully the first kid is a boy. Those Batman heads are really big, haha. Those can be used as pillows also. Did you already buy them because the picture is of them in the store?

That was an awesome story about Bishop in the Subway and being able to help that guy out.

About the phone call on Christmas, Will you have your cellphone with you also? I can call on the 24th or the 25th. Which one would be better?

This Sunday we had the same family come to church again and they are really animated. They are doing great and the spirit is strong with them right now. We will need to baptize them soon before the Spirit leaves. If not this weekend the next. We have to get our baptisms in the water before the 24th and 31st of December because everyone drinks on those dates. Even if they don´t drink all year long, it is tradition that everyone drinks those days.

I don´t know if any reindeer is going to want to eat carrots out of my stinky boots, so we will have to see I guess, haha. Or if Sinterklaas can penetrate my fortress.

I love you tons and

Santa´s Cookies Hearts,

Elder Ochs