Monday, March 21, 2011

Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:31 AM

Hey there family and all. So this week was a pretty good week. We got a lot of new people to teach. So that is cool. Luis is doing good and also a new guy we have named Mario Pilarte. All of his family are also members and he is the only one not yet one. The problem is because he has a problem with drinking a lot. We have been going by every night to help him stop. The family has pretty much given up hope on him because missionaries have been trying for years but we will see what we can do. If you could pray for him and for us so we can have the spirit to know what to say and how to help him.

This week we also had a Multi-Zone activity with the mission. We learned a lot of stuff and also had some fun. The President talked and some bishops and it was pretty cool. I got to see Elder Flores, my companion from Managua. He is doing fine.

This weekend we finally have a baptism. His name is Daniel and he has been going to church a lot without us even talking to him so we asked him if he wants to be baptize and he said yes. So this Saturday we are planning on having it.

Last P-day I had the idea to buy some tennis supplies. So I looked around and found some really old tennis rackets and some cheap tennis balls. The tennis balls already broke and the rackets are really heavy because they are made of just wood. I figured that if I got good at playing with bad equipment that when I get back and I have good stuff I will be better, so we will see. I am going to try and buy some actual tennis balls at an american store here. I will send a picture next week.

So these pictures that I am sending are of the cement eating ants at our house. This is an actual cement ant hole. When these little guys bite you it leaves a welt behind. The other picture is of a cool sunset. The last one is the picture of a CD my comp listens to every single morning, the same songs over and over again. The guy's bowl cut and red suit is strange, haha.

But I am doing fine here in Nicaragua and Elder Talla and I are working hard together. I´ll talk to ya next week.

Love You Lots and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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