Monday, October 31, 2011

Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 4:24 PM

Oh man, Nicaraguans don´t celebrate Halloween. It is just another day, and it is raining. But you guys seem to be having a good time. I can´t wait to see the costumes. That one picture of Rachel is definitely scary. And Dad that is the picture I was referring to, haha. I didn´t realize it till afterwards reviewing it on the computer, haha. You said that Nikki came with Bryce and Ryan? Is Nikki with Bryce?

I tried taking out some money the other day and I couldn´t. Maybe it was just the bank but I don´t know. The amount in there is good though. You were saying Mom about the clothes, I am leaving behind my shoes because I can´t get rid of the mold growing on them and they are really old. I am going to see if my boots last me.

Rachel I believe I have tried out that caramelo milk thing here. They make some weird stuff here. I hope the headless bride turns out good and maybe you can scare Dwight, haha. I liked that scripture you sent me and the message. I want to buy a bunch of the church books online to start studying when I get back. I have been holding back from studying that kind of stuff while here on the mission. Which books does Dad already have?

Dad you never said who won between Whitmyer and Morgan. I heard that Sister Morgan is really good but I don´t know about Brother Whitmyer. I have only played once here Dad so I will challenge you when I get back, haha.

About the waterfall picture, you can´t see what is behind me. There is an artificial dam and a little dry path out to the edge. I had him take the picture so it looks like I am in the middle of a rapid waterfall, haha.

Today we went to a place called Masatepe to see a supposedly "cool" lake. It is just a water and trash run-off. We went down this really big hill to get there and we had to go back up it sweating like crazy. I can do that any day of the week in my own area. Afterwards we ate Pupusas.

The path to the "lake" was pretty cool

Here is a cool flower

and a Catholic church we saw on the way back

So from what is coming from the grapevine, I have changes and Wednesday I will be going to my new area, and probably the last. I am sad to leave La Concha but I will be back soon.

This weekend the baptism didn´t happen because they didn´t feel prepared yet. So I won´t see their baptisms. It stinks because we didn´t have a baptism all of this change. I want to finish well though. Hopefully I die in Masaya.

Well I love you guys lots and lots and hope you are all well.

Elder Ochs

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