Monday, October 3, 2011

Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:27 PM

So yes Conference was fantastic. Even though I didn´t get to see all of it I liked the messages I did see. We had a few complications Saturday and Sunday but I will read the Liahona General Conference when it comes out. The ones I saw were really inspirational especially the talk of Elder Eyring in the Priesthood session. It made me realize how much more I need to work and put everything I have into everything in life to be happy. That through Christ and his love we can be sooooo happy in life. I wish I had my notes to write more but I don´t. It was really good though.

I do have a few more pictures to share with you. Here some more interesting flowers that I found here.

And here is a different looking moth I saw the other day.

That is really awesome Rachel that you are now working. That is also awesome that you were able to be part of the Missionary Evening with the youth in the ward and that you could represent Panama. That was a cool white wolf. That wouldn´t be that cool to see here though, just really scary and you should get away from him as soon as possible. There are two Siberian Huskies here though, haha. They probably are dying in this heat, but they are cool. I had to chase one once because it escaped from its owner and he was really fluffy and wierd. Hey Rachel I got your letters and pictures. I wouldn´t be surprised to find those monkies with stingers here in Nicaragua. Tell Hunter and Samantha, and yourself thanks for the letters and drawings. I had to translate them in the Spanish class in Zone Meeting. Hey Rachel has Landon Montierth sent you a friend request yet on Facebook? If not send him one, I think he is sad, and he likes crows, haha. He is the one that sent you a letter with the Prodigal Son.

As for the family of 4, I think their pastor came by and put a bunch in their heads because now they never have time to talk to us. We are trying to clean up the mess. The lawyer, Rut, is alright but not progressing too much, we will see this Sunday if we keep teaching. But good news, Margarita, the wife of Ivanio, all of the sudden went to the General Conference, that was so awesome. We got to the chapel and she was just sitting there waiting. It may have been because we talked to Ivanio about how if he wants to be exalted and become like God some day, that he needs a wife. So we told him that she needs to get baptized and get sealed to him in the temple and everything. We told her that too. Hopefully she repents and comes unto Christ. Also a smart girl came to the conference with the son of the Bishop. Also 4 crazy friends that play the electric piano for an Evangelical church. They are all missionary age and cool. They came on 3 bikes all the way from San Marcos, which is a hilly ride. If you do the math right, one had to sit on the bar in the middle all the way there while the other peddled, haha. But they made it so that was cool. They want to play the piano in our church because we don´t have anyone that knows how. We will see how this all turns out.

So this whole week we haven´t had any power in the house. We have been going by candle light like in the olden times so that has been fun for us.

My comp met this crazy guy in the park for the first time today. He comes up to you and asks if you have heard his story. If not he tells you. He then grabs your hand and then puts it into a big ol hole he has in his head. It is really gross and then he asks you for money to buy pills. I have met him before. It was really funny to watch though, haha.

So not much has happened this week but it past good. I love you guys tons and tons and talk to you next week.

Salt Lake Temple Hearts

Elder Ochs

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