Monday, October 24, 2011

Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 5:31 PM

So you guys are having a good time and are staying busy as always. Cool story that you found a guy from Panama, to bad Rachel wasn´t there to attack him, haha. Dang a Chess Night sounds like a lot of fun to do. I have played it once here but that is it. I have got a lot better with my car motion sickness. I sat backwards and hunched over for about a 40 minute drive today and I wasn´t even sick, yaaaeh!! As for the Christmas package just put some money in my account to get stuff in the Market in Masaya. I have a list of all of the names of the family and I still have more people to give gifts. I got Ryan´s gift today and something for some one else but I just don´t know for who yet.

Rachel that is awesome that you are going to BYU-Idaho. You will get to be there with Hillary. It is also going to be really chilly up there. Thanks for that scripture in the Book of Mormon. That is really cool and interesting to know. Somehow I don´t even remember that one, haha. And I read that one just a few weeks ago.

My Camera cards are fine and the package got sent off about a week ago now, I believe. Alright I will look for a gift for Tyler. I believe that we are going to Masaya this next week so I will get something cool there. That is really cool that you got to see Jeff Peabody. That doesn´t seem like a coincidence to me either.

I am sending a bunch of pictures so I won´t be writing that much.

So hear are some of the pictures from our P-Day last week and the trip that we took down to La Maquina.

a Catholic church in San Marcos on the way.

This looks like it could be London but it is Diriamba.

us on the side of the road waiting for a bus.

The water was really muddy and it was raining this day.

Alright so I got up on the waterfall and a Park Ranger got mad at me and Elder Woodruff.

A rickity bridge.

A Panama tree.

and a cool rooty tree.

Here is a picture of the group that went.

Here are a few random pictures:

us in a multi zone conference.

the Green Lantern, haha.

Dolphin boy (an option to engrave on a ring, haha)

And here are a few more pretty plants that I found for Mom:

Today we went to a beach called Huehuete. It was really cool and I found a lot of cool shells. We had about 2 hours to run around and whatnot. I also got some cool pictures:

Here we are in our house having some hot chocolate before we head out.

us on rocks on the beach.

one of me in the rocks, does it remind you of another picture? haha.


and me on a log

We found a tiny hermit crab

and also a big crab

So concerning your question about how me and my companion is doing: Elder Chavez is a strange guy but we are getting along fine. We finally had an investigator in church so that was great. We are going to see if we can get 3 baptisms this weekend and possibly a family. Pray for us so that we can finish up this change strong.

Love you lots and lots.

All of the creations Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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