Monday, November 7, 2011

Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Wow wow a lot did happen in this last week. It seems like a long time since the last time I wrote for some reason though. So yes I am in a new place but in the same Zone I was in about a 1 1/2 years ago. I am in Managua again with the heat. My area is really close to my last area Linda Vista actually. My area is called Acahualinca. We are right next to a place called the Plaza which is used for performances and everything. Right now they have a really tall Christmas lights tree that you can see from the house. There is also a carnaval right now and it goes all night. Recently they did the elections so everyone has been crazy here. Unfortunately you can`t carry around your camera here because robbing is normal. So I may not be sending as many photos now and there aren`t really any cool plants and flowers either. I do have a few pictures for this week though:

A picture of my last zone

My flight plans for coming home. It will be on Jan 26.

A chicken with crazy frizzy feathers.

Me with a hanger in my new house. Brother Falabella is a good friend that was in the Ward when I was last here in Managua.

Now we have running water so that is nice. The house that we are in is pretty cool also. I meant to take pictures but I forgot. It is two stories tall but not all that much space. We sleep upstairs and it is kind of tucked away and hidden so I like it a lot. It is kind of like a little fortress haha. I will probably die here like Rachel said but I am fine with that. We have a nice grocery store here that has a lot of nice food so I am excited about that. I bought Chex Mix the other day there. They recently built a new capilla (Chapel) that is really nice. Sunday we only stayed for the Sacrament session so that the people could go vote. That Sunday so many people gave us red soda, like 2 liters each of us. I was sick of soda. My new comp is Elder Stanley from Panama! He said that he is from the capital. I don`t know if you knew him Rachel. I will send a picture next week of him. He likes to work a lot so that is great. I am his Step Dad so he is pretty new here. I eventually broke in half his one dollar air soft gun though because he kept shooting me, haha. But that is the news here.

Now to answer the other questions. The Beaches here are really nice and very warm. I definitely want to come back here to swim and surf and whatnot.

It sounds like you all had a fun Halloween there. Dad the video you sent didn`t work, I don`t know why.

For Pday today we played a game that we invented here in Nicaragua in my last area. It is called "Horseball". You play it on a court where it has the lines for Basketball and Volleyball. It is a mix of a few games. There are three people on each side inside of the yellow box for volleyball. there is a box between the two boxes also. You need to kick the ball past the other side with only two kicks from your side. The ball has to touch the inside of the box and you can`t touch it if it goes in the middle. It is called Horseball because you make crazy hits which they call here being a horse. Being a horse is when you do dumb stuff and sometimes in this game you make dumb kicks or you do kicks like a horse. I will have to show it to you all when I get back because it is actually really fun.

Hey Rachel I was thinking about applying for BYU Provo for the April-September session. Could you look that up for me and help me out with that?

Well I love you guys a ton like always and I hope to hear more interesting stories next week.

Tuna Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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