Monday, October 17, 2011

Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 8:18 PM

Oh man I don`t have very much time to write to you guys and I forgot my camera in the house. I had a bunch of pictures to send you guys too. Oh man Yosemite, I miss that place. It does sound like you guys are having a lot of fun and eating some good food. I am also very glad that you weren`t fined $450 dollars. Dad, Mom is always right. I have learned that from early on and you are still working on it, haha. I enjoyed all of the pictures you sent. I really love to see your lovely faces. Rachel has some interesting clothing, haha. I didn`t get a good view of that beanie but it looked like a Grimlin or something, haha. Where did you get it? But in the end we are a very adventurous family.

So today we had a pretty awesome Pday and because of that, I don`t have very much time to write and it is getting late. We went to this place called La Maquina. It has all of these trails, cool trees of all types, and waterfalls. I got a picture up by the waterfalls but then the ranger guy also told us to get down. It has been raining all of this week. It is a wierd rain. There aren`t drops of water but a thick mist. Like walking through misters all day long. With the cold air and wind it has been really chilly till the point of cold. I never imagined being cold here in Nicaragua. So the guy was worried about the water rising or something. We weren`t even alloed to be there in the first place but we snuck in and then had one of the sister missionaries talk to the guy watching the place to let us take picture and what not. In the end we gave him some money and there was no harm done. I got a lot of cool pictures though. I am also preparing a disc to send home with all of my pictures from a memory card and some videos for you guys to see. Man I am really learning how to control my car motion sickness here, being packed into the back of these tiny vans and being taken all over the countryside. Hopefully I learn how to control it completely.

Mom you are the first person that I remembered to tell HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Before your birthday so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am sending home a box of goodies and presents for the family at home. I am sending it tomorrow and it has your present in it. This package has a lot of cool stuff and there is more stuff to come. Let me know if the Ochs`s or Grahams are going to do a gift exchange this year because I want in on it.

Well I don`t have time and I need to run home now but I love you guys lots and lots, and hope to hear from you next week.

Central Valley Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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