Monday, September 26, 2011

Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 5:19 PM

Hey there family! It is great to hear from you guys again. Thanks for writing all of these weeks for 20 months. There are other missionaries that don´t even hear from there parents or they stop writing much because they are almost going home. It is great that everyone is good and healthy and that you are having spiritual experiences every week.

Good news. I am still here in La ConcepciĆ³n! I get to have another change in paradise. I also got a new comp named Elder Chavez.

He is from Guatemala and his parents also served missions. He has about 18 months and he is cool. He teaches the lessons really clear and easy to understand. Something I am enjoying and bettering my own teaching now. He also speaks a lot of English so he is always wanting to practice with me. He is a combination of Ben Ward and Bobby Hancock. He reminds me a lot of them in what he does.

Rachel YSA sounds like a lot of fun. That is good that Delina is getting married. Do I know Zack? Scott is still going strong too? Are they still doing indoor soccer? How do you like your little red car? That is really funny with Dad going to the YSA activity and being your earth-friendly boyfriend for the night, haha. Did anyone ask or did they already know? That is really awesome Rachel that you were accepted to BYU Idaho and I will be praying for you to get into BYU Provo.

Mom you are a working machine. Thanks for the work and sweat that you do for us chillins. I love you so much for that, but don't worry because you won't need to that in about 4 months. I really do appreciate it a whole lot Mom but I have never told you that. As for your question about my goals, I haven't thought about it too much. I read that that can be thought out on the plane ride home. I have a lot of time coming home. What my general plans are are getting a job between the time till school starts up again. Going to BYU Utah and getting a place with friends from the mission, study business as a major and medicine as minor. Return to Nicaragua during breaks for what you already know and see where it goes. That is very general and I want to talk to you guys more about this. Maybe we don´t have much time to talk about this while I am here but when I am at home we will talk a lot more. A lot of fasting and prayer. This is neither set either but that is the idea.

Here are a few more flowers from down here to help you feel better:

As for the parents of Jaime and Elmer, I haven´t heard anything about them. Oh I am sure they will be angry and hopefully we don´t meet each other in the street.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Rachel, that is awesome that you are 23 years old. How do you feel? I know how you feel being only 1 year and 11 months older than me. I still haven´t accepted it yet but it is ok. We are getting old. I will buy something here special for you.

Well I love you guys waaaaaaayyyyyy much. The office called me and said they were buying my ticket for Sacramento California at the very moment talking to me so I will be getting the flight plans soon.

The amount of rice eaten daily in Nicaragua Hearts

Elder Ochs

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