Monday, June 6, 2011

Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 4:49 PM

Hey my family and everyone. I guess I will start out answering questions. The name of the beach that we went to last week was called La Boquita. My normal shoes have worn in the back but it is fine because I have started using my boots for the first time in the mission. They work really well for the muddy area tha I am now in. My boots will definitely last until the end so that isn´t a problem. Norman is doing fine. Elder Azucena put the banana in his ear. Ya, I don´t really have much time to write here. I feel really bad not writing letters to people.

I have a few pictures to share with you all this week. The next seven pictures are of a few cool flowers I found here. Ya they are some that I found in someones garden. I have been asking how to plant them and what kind of environment they need to grow. I want to send some home. This is a picture of Volcan Masaya in the backyard of my area, a view from our back porch and a misty road in my area with Elder Sosa walking.

Today we had another Super P-day where we went and visited an old abandoned jail/castle. It was pretty creepy and they had a lot of crazy stories about it and the history. There were also a lot of bats all over and we had fun trying to get pictures. I took a lot of pictures but I don´t have time to download all of them. Then we went to the market that has a lot of arts and crafts. We only had an hour there and it was too much cool stuff for me to decide on at one time so I couldn't pick anything. All I bought was a knife, haha. I plan on going back again so don´t worry. It is in this place called Masaya.

This is a picture of my comp with a pretty cool parrot. Here is a picture of me with the parrot. This parrot was very polite offering his hand to shake but when you tried to shake it he would bite you. I couldn´t get him off my knee for 20 minutes.

I found a cool Scout symbol with Nicaragua in it up by the jail. I had to do the scout sign.

This Sunday we had a lot of success bringing investigators to church. 18 people, 3 families and 4 priesthood aged young men. That's not counting the kids below the age of 8, haha. These people are all from the same family and live in a section of land together. We get them to follow the leader and a lot come. They have already gotten there baptism dates too. The picture doesn´t have everyone in it because they were all running around. These are the ones you could pray for, also the Family Ramos and Marta Delgado. We are really excited for them.

Elder Sosa and I are working really well together and we are having a lot of fun here.

Well, I love you guys lots and lots.

Overgrown Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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