Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Mar 10 email

Hello from the MTC. Well last night it snowed about a foot of snow, so this morning on the way to the temple, we ran through the snow covered soccer field. It has been snowing ever since. The freshly fallen snow is perfect for snowballs too haha. But you get the most out of the snowball when you throw it at a snow covered tree when someone is underneath it and there are a lot of trees on the way to the Temple. We were pretty cold and a little wet when we finally got to the Temple. The nice thing is that the sun is coming up earlier and earlier each morning.

We also have been doing some interesting service here at the MTC. I guess they are running out of stuff for us to do because they have had us dust the door frames and that corner between the walls and the ceiling down the hallways. This last week we scrubbed the bathroom walls and then dried them haha. The funny thing is that one of the elders in my district, Elder Neal, wears his church shoes everywhere when we do stuff. So during service he is walking around in jeans and shiny leather shoes. He is wearing them right now next to me. The only time he doesn't wear them is during gym, but I wouldn't be surprised.

My Spanish is coming along a lot better now too. These last three weeks our district has made a goal to speak nothing but Spanish. It is coming along pretty well. The teachers are impressed how well our Spanish is for only being here six weeks. I am excited to get into the field.

This last Tuesday, Bishop Edgley of the Seventy and his wife came and talked to us. It was pretty interesting. You can't have green grass without the rain. I think Hermana Ochs has already told you, but this last Sunday Elder Kunz and I were assigned to be the next Zone Leaders. I am pretty excited to take on this new responsibility but kind of bummed because I have to be an example for the rest of the missionaries. No longer getting into the pillowroom or other fun stuff :(

Well I am getting closer and closer to leaving and I really appreciate everyone that has been writing me. I love you all and I'll send pictures home this week.

Elder Ochs

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