Friday, March 19, 2010

19 Mar 10 email

Hey there, I am leaving this Monday at 8:00 in the morning. The time here went by really fast and now it is already time to get out into the field. I am pretty excited about it but not everyone in the district. Some are nervous about it and Elder Neal is going crazy about bugs in Nicaragua. I don't know if he just found out that there are a lot of bugs there or what but now he keeps talking about it haha.

This morning was the last time we will be going to the temple so it was cool just enjoying it. Afterwards we finished up a 4 hour explanation of the entire Book of Mormon which was really cool and cleared up a lot of stuff. She put everything together and in order and gave us all these timelines. Before we even went to the temple this morning we had a mattress exchange for our whole floor and the one below us. It was pretty fun riding the mattresses down the stairs haha. When we got back they replaced all of the mattresses with new ones which were pretty nice. Too bad we only get to use them for 3 nights. I still have my 4 inch foam pad so it doesn't make much of a difference I guess haha.

I also got my pants finally fixed by a sweet old lady in the tailorshop for free. Actually not completely free because she made me sing "Popcorn Popping on an Apricot Tree" haha. I needed some help from Elder Kunz though because I couldn't remember all of the words. I guess I should have sang more in Primary.

Did you get my pictures? I don't know why the pictures are so bad though. Everyone elses was fine. I guess my camera isn't too great or I don't know how do use it. I also got my haircut this week before heading out into the field. It looks pretty good I guess.

We have learned all of the congugations for Spanish and now we have to just practice the grammar and learn more words. This last week has just been reviewing things that we need to go over.

I ate a couple of meals with Rachel and her companions this week. She is doing good too. Oh and finally we got a apostle for our Tuesday Night Devotional. It was Quentin L. Cook and he talked about a lot of things. He changed his talk on the way to the MTC so it didn't necesarily have a overall message. It was really cool. Elder Brown and I got really good seats too. We were four rows back from the very front. We slide in there really fast when they finally opened it. The funny thing is that last week this one kid that has been here for like 10 weeks was arguing with Elder Brown about how an apostle never comes except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also talked with one of the apostles for 10 minutes! haha.

Thank you for the package of Saint Patricks Day goods. I really liked the leprechaun facial outfit and beef jerky. Thank You grandma for that big box of Jelly Bellies. I have really been enjoying it a lot. I have almost finished the box! I love you all and thanks for all of the letters and support. Talk to you later from Nicaragua!


Elder Ochs

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