Friday, February 26, 2010

26 Feb 10 email

Well this last week at the MTC was really good again. The weeks keep getting faster. It started snowing again here and we have a really cool view of these mountains. We went and did a session today at the temple and it was really nice. The walk there was kind of chilly but it was worth it. Afterwards Elder Kunz and I got another haircut here. The lady doing it went really fast and she had me slouch in the chair so she could see the top of my head haha.

I talked to Rachel at the last devotional for a while and we talked about different adventures here at the MTC. I guess her class doesn't have cushioned chairs like ours, so I got her a seat cushion from one of the other classes. I hid it in a fire cabinet thing for her to pick up on her way to class. I haven't asked her yet how she likes it. At the devotional a member from the Seventy came and talked about humanitarian missions. It was Jay E. Jensen.

Today I actually had to get a new account and everything for my email thing because they switched servers to gmail. They let me get on a mac computer to do it and I had to go to my yahoo account. It was so weird seeing what is going on in the outside world.

I finished the Book of Mormon a few days ago and just started D&C. It is really interesting and you have to constantly have your scripture marker with you. Also, I can't say my prayers in English any more. In the temple today I tried and it didn't feel comfortable. I couldn't say the words I wanted to and if I did it was in Spanish phrases haha. I guess that is a good sign.

For Gym I have started running again with one of the missionaries from my district. Elder Brown, my running partner, was actually the line up kicker for LSU, pretty cool. He is pretty funny too. At a few of the mock investigator lessons I couldn't stop laughing when we pared up with his companions. I don't think I have laughed as much as I have here in the MTC. Elder Neal was telling us a story the other night that made me laugh so hard. It had to do with a bike ramp, the hospital, and a hackysack game at a Youth Conference. You would have been rolling on the ground laughing mom if you had heard it, cause I did. If I am lucky we may get pared up in Nicaragua. Well I am really enjoying my time here at the MTC and can't believe it will only be 3 1/2 weeks till we are in Nicaragua. Well I love you all and thanks for sending all those letters.

Love you all.

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