Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 Mar 10 letter

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry it took me so long to send these off. I don't know why they didn't turn out very good though. My camera is hard to figure out.

My district's names are Elders Kunz, Harmer, Neal, Jensen, Dowse, Lytle, Dotson and Brown. Elder Harmer is going to Panama also with Rachel. He is the short blonde one. Elder Kunz is my companion. Elder neal is the one who has glasses and short brown hair. harmer and Neal are my roommates. Elder Neal is going to Nicaragua. Elder Jensen has brown hair, taller than Neal and pale skin. Elder Dowse is the one that usually looks weird in the pictures, has brown hair and a big smile. Elder lytle is the red head. Elder Dotson has glasses that are a little rounded and brown hair. Elder Brown also has brown hair and has squinty eyes when smiling. He is the one that is one of the kickers for LSU. We are pretty good friends. When I'm not with Elder Kunz, I'm with Elder Brown.

Some of the pictures though are with other districts above us. The individual shots are with the other district. They were the really fun ones before they left. The one I am standing on the feet of is Elder McKee who was pretty crazy. Elder Brown and I were almost in their district, it felt like it. They left for Mexico about three weeks ago. I have mada a lot of friens here in the MTC and hopefully we can meet again.

Hopefully you can pick out the missionaries with my descriptions, which I doubt. I am loving the MTC.

Love you lots,

Elder John Ochs

Note: You can view the other pictures at Elder Ochs' missionary online picture album.

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