Monday, January 2, 2012

Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:27 AM

So ya there is little time left here for me in Nicaragua but I am having fun still. That is a pretty cool looking Lego Batman. I have other Lego warriors similar to that too. Maybe we can have a battle. Mine have swords, claws, and an ax, haha. That Beatles show sounds really awesome. I would definitely take that opportunity if I was you Dad. Man that Kinect system thing sounds really cool. I always knew that Brennan was born to be a dancer, haha. Have you guys gotten the new Zelda game?

Ya we kind of have the same tradition here about burning little figures who represent the past us. The difference is that it is an old man and they stuff the shirts and pants and head with a bunch of bombs. We had 5 of them by our house so you can imagine what it was like, haha. The next day there was a lot of burnt shoes and boots in the street from all of the old men burnt the night before. It was interesting walking to church. There weren`t any buses or taxis running and it looked like a war zone with all of the burnt stuff and people lying in the streets and sidewalks, haha. The people in the streets were drunks, not dead people.

We had the guy who lives in front of us come to church with us. He liked it a lot and is going to bring his kids next week. The wife makes pupusas so we eat there almost every night. she is really Catholic because of her parents, but she would make an awesome member and I know she will like it if she would only try to go.

As for Jimmy and Cristina, they are doing worse. They had a big fight and everything New Years night. They are seeing what it is like to distance yourself from the church after so many blessings they had received. They will be baptized before I go though. We have other investigators here and there but these last 2 weeks of December is the worst time for missionary work because of all of the drinking and parties and way too much temptation. It was like this last year and the years before.

I haven´t gotten the Christmas package yet, how big was it? If it is big than it is held in the office until we have a conference or we go personally to the office.

Oh something really cool that is going to happen before I leave is that Elder Russel M. Nelson is coming and we will be able to meet him. On the 18th.

So ya that is what has been going on here. I love you lots and lots and lots and....

The amount of grains of rice eaten on New Years Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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