Monday, January 16, 2012

Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 1:10 PM

Well, this will be the last Email that I get a reply to. I better make use of it I guess. Well you definitely have some really cool stories to tell. It is crazy how the Lord works. I guess that I will be able to get to know him when I get back also. That would be cool if they let me go out and work with them too. That would be awesome if Israel's dad is interested now. My comps parents just got baptized yesterday.

So Dad is getting carried away with the tops? haha Has he broken anything or himself yet? I hope Dad learned how to throw it into his hand outside of the house. Do you throw it down towards the ground and sling it back up or throw it away from you and fling it back? I almost broke a florescent light doing it the first way, haha.

As for what to eat when I get home, biscuits and gravy would be nice, with waffles, haha. Anything but rice and beans please.

Oh I am going to finish the Book of Mormon before I finish my mission so that has been really cool. It gets pretty sad though from Helaman on. Except for when Jesus Christ comes here. It is really cool to know that he came to where I am serving and that I am completing the prophecy that the Lamanitas will be taught by the gentiles later on after they have repented. I kind of know what it was like to be a missionary in the Book of Mormon because I am teaching the same people, just generations ahead. That has been a really cool experience.

I guess I did get a little carried away with the Bionicals, sorry. And tell Batman sorry too. A super hero team would be a lot better. But you´ll have to come up with some names for them because they are only green, blue and red Bionicals to me.

That is pretty weird that no one had seen the message of having the Temple President interview you. What other signals or warnings are they missing? haha

Well I hope you're ready Dad to play some Tennis because it is going to be intense.

Well I am already out of time but I love you guys lots and lots and I can´t wait to see you soon. Hey what should I bring home? Like toothpaste, deodorant, clothes or nothing? Alright love you lots and lots and....

Amount of hours I have been here in Nicaragua Hearts

Elder Ochs

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