Monday, January 23, 2012

Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 4:17 PM

Wow this is the last letter that I send home to you guys from Nicaragua. I am really excited to see everyone again. We are saying our goodbyes to everyone and it is sad but I am sure that I will see them again. I still don´t know how to feel though. It seems like it is just a story of someone else going home but not me. I feel like this is just my life now. But it is coming to an end and it can´t go on forever.

Mom, thanks for the money that you put in, we will see what we can do with it. That stinks that Kaleb didn´t bring back much from his mission. Pretty much everything I have bought here is for everyone else except me, haha. I got the best gift already, the mission. I have learned not to really care too much about myself here just those around me and what will make them happy. That is the best way for yourself to be happy, haha.

Dad it is okay if you don´t get the washer fixed, I can teach you how to do it by hand on some rocks, haha. It makes your arms strong, haha. The Moms here are so strong from doing that all day. Maybe thats why boxing is so popular here, haha.

Ya it was really awesome finishing the Book of Mormon again and reflecting on everything you learned. It makes you want to just start over again, haha. I want to keep reading in Spanish though so that I can keep it up.

The Conference with Elder Nelson was so awesome and just wow. He is all power and authority. He let us all pass and shake his hand too. When I came up to him and looked in his eyes he could see into the depths of my soul. You can just see infinite wisdom and knowledge. It is really crazy how much the eyes can tell about a person. That is one thing I have seen here. The difference in the eyes of the people who are living the gospel and those who are not.

Hey, tomorrow we have our baptism for Jimmy and Cristina and the kids at 6 oclock in the morning! haha Bishop Torres left with us to work and when we visited them, Katerine asked us when they were going to get baptized, so Bishop asked them when and he set the date for Tuesday in the morning. They all said yes so it is a good to go. So that is awesome! haha

Well I have to go now but I love you lots and lots and...

The Amount of Inches I Will Be Traveling Home Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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