Monday, December 19, 2011

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 3:32 PM

Wow it is great to hear all of the great things that are happening. That movie Hugo, I read the book once when we were at Barnes and Noble. The book is mainley just pictures and the ending was strange. It was supposedly given a bunch of awards as a book but that is cool that they made it as a movie too. They need to do the Bartimus Trilogy or some of the Peter Pan books or the one with the kid and his little friend. Sorry Mom about your bad experience and they you didn`t get to try any of the good looking food. Did you guys order the candle from Oregon or something? That is awesome that the Primary got to do a small Christmas presentation for the ward. I can`t wait to see all of the little ones all grown up, haha. The video greeting worked but I used a Cyber without headphones so I wasn`t able to listen to it. It was nice to see all of your smiling faces though. That would be cool Dad to get an insulated hammock. They don`t sell those here though because insultation isn`t necesary. The President Daniel Ortega has his house pretty protected and you can`t go in without a setup visit ahead of time. It is completely blocked off by huge green fences with police all around. Maybe I will give him a call though. I told you those slippers were a hot item, haha. I will start preparing my talk now and the fireside will be easy. Is Kaleb going to be there too? What is his Topic? You aren`t serious about the fancy Beans and Rice restraunt, right? I would not eat there for a while. I think that I will get Tyler a soccer outfit of the favorite team here or something. Dad you put quite the dent in the horn. Can you put cereal in the dent in your back, haha. I imagine the wall got a little scratched up too. I have eaten that Top Ramen with egg here too, haha. It is pretty good.

Today was an even worse Pday than last week. The one year anniversary of the Mission President is comming up so we had a multi-Zone planning meeting to put together something for them. We went to the chapel but it felt like we really didn't get that much done for 2 hours. I got to meet missionaries from other zones though so that was cool. We are preparing something but it is hard to have order with a bunch of missionaries during Pday.

I haven`t got the package yet. Is it kind of big? I may get it at the last changes.

I do have two new pictures for you:

Here is a picture of me studying in my room.

And this is a picture of me with my new companion Elder Bala. He is going to finish the mission with me. He also went to the MTC with his siter and she already went home in August too. He is really cool and we are going to finish strong here in Acahualinca. He is from Guatemala and he is 25 years old. His parents aren`t members but all of his brothers and sisters are.

We tried a soup that I would have never imagined eating Saturday night. Bone marrow soup. The substance is a little more solid than a lugi. It leaves a filmy slime on your tetth too. It was a gagging experience but we finished it. The good thing is that I found Chocolate Chip Cookie mix in the store so we are going to make that for the Family Home Evening treat. I am going to finish the mission with my two kids in the same zone too. Elders Feliciano and Santos, so that is really cool! Hey has there been an Elder Bowers in the Oakdale ward within these past two years. One of the missionaries here is best friends with him and he believes that he served in our ward. Well it is going good and I can`t wait to see you all again. Love you tons and...

How much I can`t wait to see everyone Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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