Monday, December 12, 2011

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Well it is great to hear from all of you again this week. So did the sleeping bag over the hammock work, haha. I would expect it to be a little breezy at the top.

Dad you finally found the house. That is it at the corner.

About the talks that we have to give when we get back, do you know what they are on or about? I can start now a little bit ahead of time, haha. What kind of fireside will it be? For our ward, stake, or something else?

Dad I have already forgotten your number and just to be safe could you send me the number of Mom and Rachel too.

For some reason Google couldn´t show the videos. I will see if it works on other computers but I am not sure.

Ya last Pday was boring and also this one. We were going to go play baseball with the zone today but my comp takes forever to get ready so when we had gotten to the chapel they had already left and I don`t know where to. Um, the president would machete me if I showed up at his house because it isn`t in my area and the missionaries don`t visit him.

Happy Anniversary to the both. Mom, hurry and buy those Batman slippers because that is a hot item that goes fast, haha. Rachel, my hair turned out good I guess. I forgot to take a picture of it to send.

As for my week, this was the last week of the change. Today I will find out who is going to kill me. My last change starts Wednesday.

Our animated family came to church this Sunday and also a surprise family that we weren`t expecting. The family of Jimmy and Cristina are going to get baptized this weekend. Our zone leaders came and interviewed them last night and they are good to go. We need to go talk to the surprise family tonight to see if they want to get baptized.

As for the gift for Tyler, do you think that he would like one of the tops. I want to get him a traditional Nicaraguan shirt but I don`t have access to one here. I will bring one when I get home.

Well I love you all lots and lots,

Amount of cobblestones in Nicaragua Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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