Monday, November 28, 2011

Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 2:12 PM

Alright so you had an awesome Thanksgiving. The "Bottle of Power" sounded fun to play, haha. It was fun here too. The mission gave us money to buy something for Thanksgiving and we put the zone money all together and bought pies, ice cream and milk. That was pretty tasty. That is what we did for Thanksgiving.

Dad as far as where is my house, you got it, that is the Plaza with the tree and everything. I do live close to a lot of cool stuff but I haven´t visited any of them yet. The Plaza has a big carnival there right now so that is going on 24/7. But my house is from the Presidential Palace all the way to the left. If you can zoom in around there I think I can spot it out. Between the National Theater and the Palace I am pretty sure.

No I haven´t seen Brother Falabella for a while because he is working a lot in his business and isn´t going on splits with the missionaries now. I am writing him though and he is doing good. That hanger in the picture is his actually which is why I took a picture with it, haha. Elder Montierth was dressing up for Halloween and he went as Trix the Rabbit. I think he just found the mask thing and made a costume out of that. He is actually getting married soon. He is already engaged haha. But he is having fun I guess, haha.

As far as the BYU thing, I think that you are right about waiting it out. I saw that calendar and it confused me. I don´t think that I am supposed to do it yet. I am just so glad that the yards will be spotless when I get home, not till next year for me, haha. Ya I still need to get more stuff before handing out the stuff from the package. I think that I will wait till I can pass them out personally. There isn´t as much cool things where I am at right now.

This weekend we had our baptism for Gabriela and it went good.
I got to baptize her so that was cool. She is like 12 years old and the family is really cool. The rest of the family are members except for the little girls. They are really cool. We also had a a whole family that came to church and they liked it a lot. They have been having a lot of family problems and we have been helping them out. Hopefully we can baptize them before the end of this change. The bishop has been going out with us a lot and that is awesome. He really likes to do missionary work. Tonight we are going to have to Family Home Evenings with him.

This Wednesday Elder Amado of the Setenta (Seventy) for Central America came and talked to us. He gave us training on missionary work and it was really good. He talked about how Nephi was allowed by the law to kill Laban because they were living the Law of Moses where it was eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. When Laban tried to kill him unjustly that automatically gave him permission to get him back. But it isn´t like that now, haha.

Well I love you all lots and lots

The amount of stink there is in this Cyber right now next to an open sewage Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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