Monday, November 21, 2011

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 11:39 AM

So ya there is now a whole bunch of emails that I have to catch up on. A lot are from others that I wrote last week when I had extra time, haha.

I did get a lot of pictures taken of our little unique apartment. Here is a tour of our place:

So this is the first floor where we study at different angles so you can see everything,

There are the stairs,

and the view looking up the stairs,

getting to the top of the stairs,

and then turning to the right,

This is the little walk way to the sleeping room,

the bathroom door to the right as you first enter the room,

my bed,

the bathroom.

This is the view I have in the mornings of the things around me while in bed.

My companion's bed.

So there are also a lot of questions you have sent to me to answer. Hopefully I get the majority of them. Well first Dad I don´t recognize the picture you took. Maybe it would be better if you found the chapel in Acahualinca and then it is like 10 blocks East I think. Hopefully that helps. I won´t be able to see Brother Falabella but I will see Elder Amado the new Seventy. I have met Falabella before though, he is cool I guess. The video you sent me was really funny about the stolen candy on Halloween.

Yes, I need the answers to those questions you sent me Mom about school. I don´t know anything about that or how to do the paper work. Maybe if you sent me the requirements for me then I can do what I need to do here. They give us time to do that.

Hey I am going to buy the house next door. Save it for me for when I get back, haha.

I have never heard of the Frisbee rule (the guide book for the Nicaragua Mission discouraged the Missionaries from bringing Frisbees or Footballs to the Mission) but that would be weird if it was one. What could happen with a Frisbee? Yes, The boy I gave my plastic top to was able to get me a nice wooden one. I have gotten it down alright but I don´t know how to battle. Hopefully little kids don´t challenge me.

Sunday we had two investigators in Church and one is getting ready for a Baptism this Saturday. It is a 12 year old girl and we are activating her family. They are really cool people and funny.

Mom I found out a secret to make your fruit trees give fruit twice as much in the year. A old lady told me that if you put CDs, ornaments and other wierd stuff in a tree or plant it gets embarrassed and it blooms more flowers and gives more fruit to look good again. You should try it out.

Well I got to finish up now but I love you all a ton

I can´t think of a size vast enough to express Hearts for you,

Elder Ochs

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