Monday, September 5, 2011

Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 2:43 PM

Oh wow there is a lot of stuff happening now at home. Ryan has gotten back with Little Pizza again and still is a thief. Just let him know that he is still a wierdo. Thanks Rachel for the scripture you sent me. I don´t really remember reading that before and it is really cool. That is cool that you got to talk to Curt about Panama and what not too.

So the answer to all of those questions you gave me. The Papaya kid is at where we eat at night. He is going to give me an awesome armadillo carrier. There are a lot of armadillos down by the river here and they catch them and use their hard shells for european hand bags. They said they will write my name in it and give me one, haha. The garden in the backyard is taken care of by the sister that lives in a shed in the backyard, haha. She is wierd but really nice. I will take a picture of her shed next week. The Guacamole Ranchitas were kind of salty and made your tongue numb. The people that came to the baptism of Jose and Santos are from another area, which stinks. Supposedly they liked the church a lot and are going to send a document of rejection to their old church and come to ours now. There are a lot down there but I can´t baptize any of them. Of course it is great that they will be members but they are cool people I would have liked to get to know. Oh well, the Lord´s work, not mine. Jose Reyes knows how to make cool water jug things with the Jicaro shell and he said he will make on for me. We always get bitten by fleas when we go there but oh well. We were over there the other night and we played an interesting game with them.

Jaime and Elmer are having a little bit of problems so they need your prayers and Margarita is still being really stubborn about all of this salvation business. They caught the guys that robbed Elder Sosa and got all of his stuff back miraculously, so that is cool. They also found the guy who killed the Father and he looks like one of the Beatles with a bad haircut, haha.

It was a drawn description. As for something more in the package, I can´t really think of anything else. Whatever you like.

That is good that someone is getting married like every week now. It sounds like a fun game you guys got into at the wedding. Did anyone ever get the 20 point shot? I don´t get why people complicate weddings so much either. It is too much of a headache with all of the ribbons and nice stuff. I will have mine ready the morning of, it is easy, haha. Ask Rachel what flavor of soda she wants for hers now.

There was a lot of things that happened this week but I don´t have to much time to write about it all. Don´t worry though because I am writing a lot in my journal everynight now. I really have gotten into the habit now. One thing is that I am reading Jesus the Christ again. I found out by a guy we contacted that everything in the world is fine to eat and consume except frogs. Suppossedly it is somewhere in "the word" referring to the Bible but he didn´t remember where it was, conveniently.

I pulled a really big pile of wood in a tiny wood cart to the house of someone we met in the street. I went up a hill and everything and then she didn´t accept us to teach her another day. Next time I meet her with a cart of wood again, I am going to sit on it. A few days later I carried another heavy pile of wood but on my head this time all the way to her house too. The lady also rejected us. I am not helping ladies with wood anymore.

The hermana next to our house made us some really good quesillos. It is basically tortilla, mozzarilla cheese, onions, and cream. I am going to make it when I get home.

The other day coming to our house we came around the corner and we had an encounter. There was a loose pitbull right in front of the gate to get into our house. If an encounter with a loose pitbull in Nicaragua isn´t scary enough he also had foam saliva coming out of his mouth. Rabies! He just stood there for a while staring at us waiting for one of us to move to attack. We just stood there completely still till for some reason he just turned around and began to walk away but the entire time looking back at us. Elder Sosa had the keys to get in but I was ready to hop the fence as fast as possible.

We also almost had a big accident at the house where we eat. The sister left the house with oil on the stove heating up. I was sitting in the kitchen, which I usually don´t do, when it started to smoke a lot. I thought she was just boiling water so I didn´t think much of it till a 3 foot flame burst out of nowhere. Elder Sosa was about to throw water on it but I stopped him before he could. I grabbed the pot and put it outside and threw a shirt over it. It burnt the shirt but that is the least of what could have happened. It was about to catch the curtains on fire, then the wall and then the gas tank which is right next to the stove, which would have been a huge grenade, if I wasn´t sitting there to put it out.

A young women in our ward that we reactivated, painted a really cool painting of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith.

It is actually really cool. It gave me the idea that Rachel can do a painting of Jesus Christ for me. That would be really cool Rachel and I would frame it and everything for my room. What do you think? Please please please.

We had a new investigator come to church so that was cool and we are teaching a lawyer who has a lot of really thought out questions. She analizes things very well.

Here is a picture of a really cool looking spider I saw the other day.

Sorry I didn't get the spider in focus very well but you can get the idea.

Well I am loving it here in Nicaragua with all of the crazy adventures but always with the protection of the Lord, which is cool. I love the people here a lot and you guys too. I love you lots and lots.

Weezer Hearts

Elder Ochs

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