Monday, September 19, 2011

Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 5:53 PM

So this is me equipped up in hunting gear. That Armadillo case is on my side and that bracelet is of cow hide.

This is the picture of the zone before changes.

The baptism and marriage we had this weekend for Jaime and Elmer and their daughter Yasari.

The last was a one way trip to Los Angeles. I think it cost like 10 cordabas or something, being 50 cents, haha. I almost got on.

These are some cool flowers I found:

and Elder Sosa with NiƱo, the pitbull of Ivanio.

So here are the bugs:

The first is a very scary one with red pincers. He was eating something very ferociously. It then took flight as soon as I took the picture.

The other one is one that had see through wings like plastic.

The last is a beetle that likes to grab on to things

and another with him on my tie.

Well, the pictures explain a lot of what happened this week. As for the meeting with the parents of Jaime and Elmer, it didn´t go that great so we had to take other options. We have another investigator that is a lawyer and they found a way around the permission. It was all legal so it was fine. They are now happily together and now with the Holy Ghost. It was a really good turn out for the Baptism too. We had about 2 families and 6 people. It was a really cool experience and it made me so happy. I had worked really hard to get those baptisms. Including a few miles in the dark and rainstorm. I think I got a little bit of an idea of how the war was for Grandpa except for the bullets and explosions and stuff. But in the end everything went well. Sunday we had another family come to church that are also pilas and they liked the church a lot. It is also a family of four. If I stay here another change I will baptize them for sure.

I am not sure what else to write. The next time that I write you I will know if I am in another area or still here in La Concha. One thing I do need to know is which airport will I be returning to and what is the name of our new Stake President? I got my "trunky papers" and I need that information if I want to come home. I have permission to come check tomorrow so if you can send that info as soon as possible then that would be great.

Well I love you guys a whole bunch and I will see you in 4 months.

Lago Managua Hearts

Elder Ochs

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