Monday, June 20, 2011

Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 3:41 PM

So I have a few pictures to send home.

One is of a miniature pineapple,

A cool looking rose,

That same fruit that Rachel had,

This is a flower that grows on a tree in this park close to my house,

and bean soup that is actually really good tasting.

So this is a Cacao pod.

This is the actual bean where chocolate comes from. We have recent converts that have like three trees of these. It is really cool. You can smell it and everything. It comes in that case like thing

and inside

it is covered in that goopy stuff that you eat off.

When you get the goopy stuff off then they look like this.

Then you let them dry out.

and then cook it. When that is done you take off the cover and the coco is inside which you crush and put in a drink to make cacao. I am still not sure how to make the actual chocolate but I want to learn. Then I can be Willy Wonka!

So wow it was a fun week there from what I hear. Man I am really excited for that new Zelda game. I dont know though if I should buy that new system though. It is really tempting but I will think about that later, haha. They are just always coming out with new stuff so it is hard to keep up with it all. And it is a very expensive hobby. That stinks to hear that those seeds I sent aren´t growing. They were pretty dried out when I got them so maybe they were fried. I am thinking of sending home one of those coco beans home though so we can have chocolate in the house. I heard that they do grow in the states but they die in the snow. But it doesn´t snow in Oakdale, haha. What do you say Mom? Man Dad I miss those campouts. That is pretty funny the prank you guys did on the kids, haha. Were those cliffs bigger than the ones down by the river? I am sure the water was pretty chilly too.

This week there wasn´t that much that happened except me working on those coco beans and what not. We haven´t had any cool Pdays yet either so I don´t have too much to write about. I am sure that next week I will have better things to write about. I will be waiting patiently for my package also.

And Dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! I will look for something to send that is pretty cool alright.

Well I love you guys tons and tons and I will talk to you next week. Adios

Blown Up Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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