Monday, June 13, 2011

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Hey my family and everyone, it is good to hear from you all. Congratulations in finishing the fence project. It does look really nice and sturdy. That is really really awesome about Sheryl. I am hoping that the rest of the family sees her being the example and that they can follow. Wow that is so great and it makes me so happy to hear that. Let us know how she is doing with her progress.

Dad you got it right on the spot. That is my pad. It is a pretty cool house. Like I said, we live on the top floor with other missionaries so it is a little cramped but cool. The picture was the balcony where we study every morning. We are going to come back and visit all of my areas so you will see for yourselves sometime in the future. So ya about the 18 people that came to church. It turns out that the area we were working in wasn´t actually our area so we had to turn all of them over to the missionaries that that area pertains to. What a nice gift for the other missionaries, haha. It is alright though because we already found other families we are preparing and we challenged them with baptismal dates too. One of the families came this Sunday and the others will come next week. Please pray that this all works out well.

So some of the songs were actually catchy, you think. Which ones? Did the others out at the ranch hear them too? haha. Ya they pack so many songs into those MP3s it is crazy, haha. All of that cost me less than $7 too, haha.

Ya that drink is a little strange. I want to send you guys something called Pinolillo. It is only made hear in Nicaragua. It is Crushed corn with crushed coco beans and some other stuff. It is pretty good.

Concerning your question of what I would like you to send me for my Birthday: If you can and if it isn´t too heavy, it would be cool to have some peanut butter. Other than that just good stuff none of the bad stuff.

So in the pictures I sent this week are some more cool flowers that are in front of my house. They just hang from this tree and and look really pretty. I don´t know how but two flowers grow from the same tree or something. There are some more I will send next week. Most of them you can only plant taking a branch or getting the seeds at the right time before they shoot them out. Another picture is of Elder Sosa and me on the watertower in our backyard. I like to climb it every once in a while to have fun, but not when it is windy. Also sometimes I feel like I am in Hyrule (from the Legend of Zelda Video games). I found three of the temples. I found the Fire Temple in the volcano in the distance, I am walking in the Forest Temple all of the time, and then we found the entrance to the Shadow Temple with the Bango Bango guy, the temple I was most scared of. This entrance had a direct drop off in to some abyss that I looked down just like in the game. Only to certify it is the Shadow Temple, we cross through a graveyard to get to this entrance and also a little village like Koroki Village, Ooooo. How cool is that. I am guessing that the Water Temple is in Lake Managua or Lake Nicaragua. But ya, it is pretty awesome. Elder Sosa is a Zelda fanatic also. I will keep a look out for the other Temples.

We had a Multi Zone Conference this last Tuesday and I got to see a lot of missionaries from my time in Ciudad Sandino, including my own son Elder Feliciano. I also saw Elder Montierth, Elder Young, Elder Garcia, and a lot of others. It was a lot of fun and it was probably the best one I have had here in the mission. Elder Montierth made a really cool video for his zone that you can see on the mission blog. It is Zone Granada.

Well I love you all lots and lots and lots, and I send home all my lovings.

Dinosaur Hearts,

Elder Ochs

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