Monday, November 1, 2010

Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 1:38 PM

Man it sounds like you guys are having a pretty crazy fun time there. Halloween looked really fun. Ryan´s costume was pretty funny looking with his really skinny beard. I knew he was going to get into Harry Potter again. Dad I didn´t expect your outfit to turn out as funny as it was. I am sure it got pretty hot under that beard though. I liked how you showed the soft side of Krok with Kaaat. It made me laugh so hard here in the cyber.

I can´t wait to get that Christmas package, it sounds really nice. Mom sorry I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday and that I couldn´t send you anything. We don´t really get very much money here.

That is crazy how Elder Hiatt is heading home now. His invitation is pretty funny and yes there was very many crazy memories with him too. That address you have is the same address still for our mission. And yes I did see the video of Ashley and Brooklyn which was really cool. For some reason though it is really hard to hear what they are saying. The dry season has hit now so we won´t be seeing any rain for about 6 months. It is going to be getting pretty hot.

So this last here in Ciudad Sandino with Elder Feliciano was really cool. Denis finally got Baptized!!! We had been working with him for 5 months but it was totally worth it. I got to baptize him myself too. I did it on the first try and everything. We had them married too but that was before the baptism of course. We bought a cake for them too. It was so great. He has totally changed from the first time that we met him. So cool. We are going to be baptizing another family on the 13th of November and that is going to be really awesome also. We have a lot of new people we are teaching now so I think we are going to have a successful month in November, but we will see.

Today we were looking at a stand of Nica toys and I took a picture of a toy car that made Elder Montierth and me laugh. If you can read whats on the side, that is the funny part. "Here comes the Meat Wagon, wee woo wee woo." It is from a movie. I also found a silver penny the other day. Of all places I found it here in Nicaragua. I was wondering if it was actually worth anything? For Halloween we didn´t do anything really that special. We just had a normal day, but this Tuesday is The Day of the Dead? I think a bunch of people just go to the graveyard and cry, that is what I heard. Doesn´t sound that fun of a holiday.

Presidente Falabela just came here also this last week and taught a lot of great stuff on how to baptize more people. We sat in there forever but it was worth it. Also our Zone Leaders had a meeting with him this last Friday and he saw that our zone had the best numbers out of all the mission and they asked them what they were doing to accomplish that. One of them is this goal we have to find 2 new families every night before dinner. He said he really liked the idea and that he is going to use the idea for the other missions here in Central America. So Rachel you could be hearing about this maybe. It was pretty cool.

So ya it is a blast serving here in Ciudad Sandino and I am hoping I have at least another change here. Thanks very much for all of the love and support y adios.

Elder Ochs

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  1. Hi there,
    I just happened upon this blog, I am the mom of a missionary that will be leaving for Nicaragua in 3 weeks. I was hoping you could help me with something. Does Elder Ochs use hiking boots? We bought some for my son and then returned them after hearing from a former missionary that he didn't use them. My son is in the MTC and has heard that other missionary have needed theirs. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you so much!