Monday, October 25, 2010

Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 12:21 PM

Hola familia y amigos. So this week was really awesome. First off I am still here in Sandino for another change with a new comp. The even cooler thing is that he is brand new in the mission and I am training him. And even cooler than that is that he is from Florida and already knows how to speak Spanish and English. His Spanish has a greengo accent but he knows how to speak just fine. His name is Elder Feliciano. I just took a picture of him here in the Cyber so I could send you a picture. He is really cool and we get along great. He reminds me a lot of Brice actually. His parents are both from Mexico. His Mom served a mission in Mexico and he Dad was once a Super Bago, which means Super Bum, until he was baptized into the church. He is already contacting, teaching, and everything. He is really pilas. So now in our house, Spanish has become ruled out because all four of us missionaries living there are greengos and speak English. Don`t worry though because my Spanish is doing fine and I am actually learning more with him because he understands my questions I have for him about Spanish. So ya are having a fun time.

The other picture is our zone before changes in front of our church. We usually take a picture like that before we split. This change, 5 new missionaries came to the zone and 18 greengos all together in Nicaragua Sur with maybe 6 Latinos. This mission is becoming a greengo mission. We actually outnumber all the Latinos haha.

You know how I was telling you about the guy that wants Twizzlers. Well his name is Hermano Falabela and he just saved us a baptism for this weekend. We had been working with this one investigator named Dennis forever and we couldn`t get him to stop smoking. No matter what we did he wouldn`t stop. Well this Hermano Falabela swears to it that he can make any smoker quit smoking just talking to them. So he came over with us to the Dennis`s house, took the guy to another room, talked to him for about half an hour, and the guy totally gave up smoking and is getting baptized this Saturday the 30th. It was crazy. And then this Sunday in Sunday School, Dennis just pretty much took over the lesson and taught it himself. He all of a sudden became pilas, when for months we couldn`t get him to do anything. So that was really awesome.

Dad you talked about that one activity with the plane built inside of the chapel and I guess they did that exact same activity a year or two ago in Managua and it had a really good turn out. That is funny that you mentioned that though. I didn`t really get that many pictures of the Titanic activity. There were other missionaries that did so maybe I can get some from them.

Dad don`t worry about sending floppy keyboards to me because I am fine. Mom I am really jealous about you having the 5th Leven Thumps book right now and you guys eating spaghetti. Too bad Milo behaved when Dad was holding him haha. I can`t wait to get the photo. And I definitely want to see Dad`s Viking outfit haha.

Well thanks for the letters and what not. I am having a really great time here in Ciudad Sandino and serving the Lord. The people here have really become family to me and it will be hard to leave from here, if I do. The time just seems to be picking up faster and faster and I am worrying if I will meet the goals I set to complete while here. Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.

Thanks again and Adios.

Elder Ochs

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