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Hey there everybody. It sounds like there is a lot going on back at home. That is a very sad story about Ryan (not able to see the new Harry Potter movie). If he would like, the movie has already come out here and I can send it. They actually are like original copies of the movie with the menus and everything. Someone explained it to me how they get it here and how they rob the truck and stuff haha.

Well what we are planning to do here in Nicaragua for Christmas is maybe have a special meal and enjoy the night with members. We will probably have a ward activity and possibly something as a mission. It sounds like we are on the same lessons as you guys in Gospel Principals. We also taught about the gifts of the Holy Ghost too. I liked it a lot. That us awesome to hear about how Isreal is doing and his papers are ready. Have you heard yet about Sean and Chad´s papers yet?

Well this week was pretty fun here in Ciudad Sandino again. Elder Feliciano is still making us all laugh with his acts and jokes. He is a real fun missionary and comp to have. We are really good friends. Today we all bought slingshots down at the market and we plan to have fun with those out in the streets and on Pdays. They were less than 1dollar each. I also bought a cool hammock from a vendor walking in the street. It is one of those sitting ones and I got it for 10 dollars. I plan on just sending it home some how because it will be a pain to carry around with me everywhere. I would take a picture of it but my camera is already plugged in. I will get one next week. I plan on getting a full size one also.

I have a few more pictures to share with you: This is Oscar my recent convert in a festive mood. They are starting to do decorations around here now. This is a pretty cool sunset shot down the road where we eat. This is us with Kelvin, one of the kids at our dinner cita. These other ones are of the Volcan Momotombo and the Mountains of Leon are taken from a part of our area up on a hill  Picture 1  Picture 2. These are more shots from different parts of our area.  Picture 1  Picture 2  We got a lot of hills and stuff. The graffiti one is on a wall over by the plaza.

So the other day when Elder Feliciano and I where exploring an area of ours we have never been to before, we found a really cool place. It was a rooster fighting ring out in the middle of a little village like place. We talked to a guy that works there and he told us all about it and what not. He even let us hold his best fight´n rooster. Elder Montierth thought he would take a shot at him. We saw them training them and it was crazy. The best part is that the guy is a new investigator of ours now haha.

Then the other day we were walking along and I saw a little lump of black fur on the sidewalk. I went over and saw that it was a kitten that reminded me of Milo so I had no choice but take him. I convinced my comp to put him in his backpack so we could carry him back to the house. He was scared it was going to go to the bathroom in his backpack because he had a bad experience before with another animal in his old backpack. I got a picture with him and his head poking out. I named him P├Ępe because it is a popular song here similar to Amilli which I named Milo after. We bought a bag of milk for him and set it out for him to drink. We had to leave him though and I haven´t seen him since.

We have been finding a whole lot of new people to teach lately. They just kind of fall into our laps. For example, we have been teaching a kid that has a lot of problems. Well one day we go to see how he is doing and his mom was there. She told us she wants us to help her son change and that she will be coming to church with him next Sunday. She also planned our first visit with her to teach, not at her house, but at her sisters and the family so we can teach all of her relatives at one time. She also gave us the directions of her daughters house in Linda Vista Managua, my old area so the missionaries over there can go teach her too. She is a really nice lady and hopefully we can bring all of them unto Christ. We have other stories similar unto that too that happen everyday. It is really amazing and I am making sure to say thanks every night. I am loving it out here and hopefully everything is well at home too. Thanks for all of your love and support for me and adios.

Elder Ochs

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