Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 1:37 PM

Hey so it has been another really fun week here in Ciudad Sandino. Elder Feliciano and I are getting along really great and we are teaching a bunch. Elder Feliciano actually was sick for a few days this week but his time was due. It happens to all of the new greengos here in Nicaragua. He only had it for two days though and then he he got better. Elder Montierth, who lives at the same place with us had Dengue Fever the week before so that stunk. Now everyone is fine and working again.

So I am writing today on Tuesday because we did´t get home till pretty late for our Pday in SAN JUAN DEL SUR!!! This month our zone baptized the most families in the mission and the reward was that we could choose any place here in Nicaragua to go visit for a Super Pday. We actually tied with another zone but we had less missionaries in ours so they gave it to us. No we didn´t get to see any of the Survivor crew or competitors but we could see Costa Rica. It was really awesome there and the water was so tempting but we didn´t get in. Some of the elders bought fake Oaklies (Sunglasses) from these vendors on the beach and they also had some bracelet stuff. My comps Oaklies broke in half in about 5 minutes. We then went and took pictures next to this miniature of the Golden Gate Bridge that they built on the beach. I am not sure why they did but it was pretty cool. We then hiked up this really steep hill to take took pictures next to this huge statue of Jesus and a really cool view, Picture 1  Picture 2. The one leaning back in the middle of the street was fun. I will probably send more pictures later. I didn´t put any sunscreen on so I got pretty burnt too. It took us forever to travel there and we still had to head back so we didn´t spend a whole bunch of time there. It was still a lot of fun. The bus rides were pretty crazy too. They pack wayyyyy too many people on those buses. If you weren´t standing the entire time for 3 hours smashed, you were sitting with Nica bellies on your shoulder or head. I am not sure which one was worse.

This letter was pretty short because I was looking through all of my pictures and stuff but I will talk about more stuff next week.

The winter time here actually does get a little bit cooler. We don´t have to use our fans anymore at night and the mornings are a little chilly. I won´t be needing anything though thank you. That is so awesome that Chad and Sean are getting ready to go on missions. Let me know as soon as possible about their calls. How is Isreal doing with his papers? Any thing about Kacey? Also that silver penny from 1973 so I don´t think it is original. Those stories about Grandpa and Russel were pretty funny to hear. I just got a letter form Russel this last Saturday.

So I am having a great time here and I am loving every minute here. Don´t worry though because I am coming back Mom. We have the Family Garcia this weekend for baptism and I am really looking forward to it.

Love you lots and Adios.

Elder Ochs

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