Monday, October 18, 2010

Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Hola Familia y Amigos. Today we get to find out if we have changes or not. I will probably be here for another change. I really like it here in Ciudad Sandino. It is a great area.

So Dad you asked about that candy I was requesting. I guess I had a pretty bad typo because I was trying to spell the candy Twizzlers. Maybe I should do some spelling checks before I send off my emails now. So ya he wanted Twizzlers, filled if you can.

And you asked about the word "Pilas" here it means to work hard or go the extra mile or like you said to put on the pressure. They use it a lot here in the mission. We also have another verb here called "jarron azul" which means to do anything to accomplish your goal. It comes from a short movie called "The Quest" which you can probably find on YouTube. It is really old and pretty funny.

Dad you always seem to find the strangest things to make you look small. It was a pretty funny picture. Thanks for the pictures of Elder Harmer too and ya, he was in our District and room in the MTC. That is funny the El Jardines guy still remembers us. Ya it is fine if Grandpa wants to write me, I have time.

So Mom I didn`t get very many pictures of our activity but here are two. We had over 500 people show up for it and it was pretty crazy. I was working in the bar and they just totally raided us and took everything. The Nicas are so crazy. The activity was called the Titanic so we built this really big Titanic inside of the chapel and the rooms around the building were like places in the boat. All of the missionaries and others helping got to dress up in sailor outfits that a sister made for us. We started it with the part of the movie where the Titanic starts up and takes off, projected up on the wall. We had a Bar, Fortune Telling room, Disco, Casino, Theater room, Dancing and others. We then had the boat crash and we had that part play on the projector while we shook the boat from inside. Everyone freaked out when the scene came up of the rats running down the hall. We had all the women and children leave for outside to get in the safety boats, while the husbands and men stayed inside. We talked about the importance of the family and everything. It turned out well and we got a lot of references.

A lot of this week was spent working on the Titanic. The raining season has about ended I think so now it it going to be just really hot and dry for 6 months till the wet season.

I don`t have much more to write now so I will be ending this letter. So I love you guys a lot. Talk to you next week.

Elder Ochs

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  1. Hello Elder Ochs' Family! My son, Elder Jonathan D. Hardy just arrived in the Nicaragua Managua South Mission on October 18th. We have not heard from him yet but pray he arrived safe and sound.

    Warm Regards,

    Sue Hardy