Monday, October 4, 2010

Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 11:36 AM

Hi. So I don´t usually know how to start my emails because the first sentence is always the hardest. That was fine.

General Conference was so awesome. We got to see almost every talk. We missed the one when President Uchtdorf talked about pride during the Priesthood Session. He was about 30 seconds into his talk when the satellite lost reception for about 20 minutes because of the storm. It came back on just when Eyring stepped up. We got to watch all of them in English but there was ten of us Elders in one small room watching it on a normal TV. But it was really great and I have a lot to change. I would quote a line that Uchtdorf said on Sunday that was really funny but I don´t want to ruin it for you Mom and Dad. We also had one of our families come to the Conference and I was so glad. They already looked like members all dressed up with there little girl. We are definitely baptizing them.

So before General Conference during the week we had a Missionary Conference. We had interviews with Presidente Monestel. I passed and it was a fun Conference. We learned a lot about the importance of recent converts. They only have one year concentrated with the missionaries to get ready for the temple and that time is really precious.

This week the Zone Leaders bought some more turtle eggs for Hermana Gema to cook for our dinner because Elder Montierth has never tried them. Well it was pretty nasty again but he ate three eggs. I´m not sure why he didn´t just stop at one, haha. I didn´t realize the first time but we actually eat the premature turtle with his shell, nasty.

Speaking of food, our new lunch cita at the pharmacy makes a lot of good food. The only problem is that every time we eat all the food, she adds more the next time because she thinks we are still hungry. So from the original servings we got before they are now doubled and we are kind of shy to tell her that she is killing us. We will probably tell her today.

So we went and hiked the mountain across from Momotombo Volcano last Pday. It was awesome. I got a lot of cool pictures that I am trying to send. It reminded me a lot of scouts when we would go on those big hikes and be joking around the whole time. There was some pretty crazy views up there. The whole time there was a light sprinkle of misty rain so it kept us nice and cool but the trail was really muddy in spots. We didn´t have time to go to the very top to get a cool picture of Momotombo though.

My Spanish is coming along well. I am enjoying studying too. The water and electricity goes out at least once every day here but it is when we are out in the street so it doesn´t matter. At night it is always fine. The ketchup and rice thing is something they like here for some reason so yes we eat it with our rice. The rice doesn´t have any flavor so you have to change it up some way. It sounds you guys had a lot of fun up in Yosemite. It looks really cool. That Midget Wizard was really mystical, haha!! It made me laugh so hard. I was expecting a gnome or something.

I am loving it here in Nicaragua and I can´t wait for the stuff to come. I am definitely changing a lot about myself here and learning how to be more like Jesus. I am trying to be better than the day before everyday. Thanks for always loving and supporting me.

Love you much and Really Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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