Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Feb 10 email

Hey there, this is my third week now and the time is going by too fast. It seems like just yesterday I had P-Day. My P-Days are on Friday just to let you know. I got to get up nice and early this morning around 5:30 to head over the Provo Temple which was really cool. This last week was another pretty good one. At the fireside this last Tuesday, Richard G. Hinckley of the Seventy (Gordon B. Hinckley's son) and his wife came and spoke. He talked about how to make your mission lively and exciting. Elder Kunz and I got seats pretty close too so it was really cool. I saw Kaleb Lee here at the MTC for a little bit but he has already left for Brazil. The food here at the MTC is still really good and I still haven't got any of the side effects everyone has been talking about haha. I saw the grapefruit Bruce was talking about but I haven't tried it yet. Is it good? I think my body already adjusted to my diet because I am still eating as much as possible and I am still at the same weight. This whole last week it didn't snow at all but it was still pretty chilly outside. As for an " angel de nieve" I have not made one because the snow on the ground is pretty tough and would hurt haha.

My Spanish is coming along better and better as the days go by. I took a workshop on making a language study plan and I think it has helped out. I haven't had any dreams in Spanish yet but I definitely have had some weird ones. My companion, Elder Kunz, has been talking in his sleep about Spanish though. He woke me up saying " Why are you saying your lesson in Spanish Elder Fox?" I started talking to him to see if he would respond and he was talking back. Eventually I brought up the girl he was writing to and he suddenly woke up wondering why I was talking about her and what other questions I had been asking him haha.

Sorry I can't send everyone separate letters because the stamps add up fast so hopefully it is alright that I answer your questions and what not all on one email. As for things I need, I am doing fine. If you were wanting to send something though, candy or what ever you think might be fun is always nice haha.

Oh, I almost forgot, that one game is called Ninja Destruction. A better description would have to be that everyone starts with their hands in the middle standing in a circle. Everyone then jumps away from the circle into their choice of positions with there hands ready for striking and you stay in that position. You then take turns around the circle trying to slap another players hand or hands. The person being attacked tries to avoid the strike. Whoever is the last ninja wins. Well I have ten seconds left so talk to you next week.

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