Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Feb 10 email

Hey there,

I am having a great time here at the MTC still. The time is getting faster and faster as the days keep coming. Well, today we went to the Provo temple again and Elder Kunz and I stayed in there for about half an hour just reading, which was really cool. We have taken some pictures while we have been here so I will have to send you some soon. Spanish is getting better and I can understand what people are saying to me now, when speaking Spanish. I really appreciate the Valentines package and I am looking forward to finishing it off soon. I liked the pictures and shorts too.

I got my Hep A shot yesterday and now my arm is pretty sore. I guess when the nurse did it, she hit a nerve and it made my arm twitch, which was weird. I got a sucker afterwards and a bill for $70 dollars.

It has been crazy here, seeing people that look like someone else. I have seen two people here so far that I had to take a double look to make sure.

Oh, last P-day I did not hang up my pants right after I used them, so they got a little wrinkly. I wanted to wear them so I thought I would try out the iron in our hall. Well the instructions on the pants said to use a cool iron. The iron no longer had indicators so I turned it a bit and tried it out. Well now I have some cool shiny designs on my pair of pants. So now they are still wrinkly and cool.

Last Tuesday Elder C. Scott Grow came and spoke. It was really cool.

A bunch of people have been getting packages here and they are all very generous so there is plenty of food. I enjoy having my own stash though. I also found some Brut aftershave like Ryan's and have been trying it out haha. But other than that I have a really fun zone. Some of the activities we have done have been candy catapults with the exercise band and Christmas light jump rope. The coolest thing we have found so far has been this room that has always been a mystery room and many people on our floor heard various stories as to what it contained. Well this last service day, the people on our floor left the door open. So of course we had to find out what was in there. When we checked it out, it was the coolest thing ever. This full size room was filled to the ceiling with pillows. They were everywhere. so we jumped into it and started making tunnels through it and what not. It was the most awesome thing yet. We are hoping to have a sleepover in there before we leave.

I just found out from my companion, in a letter his mom sent him, that something interesting is going to be happening in Nicaragua. This upcoming July is going to be the end of our mission presidents term, and let's just say we are going to get two new mission presidents. The mission is going to be split and we are going to be the first missionaries to open them. I guess they have been sending more and more missionaries there each transfer, getting it ready to be separated. That is all I know now, but maybe I'll hear more later.

Well I love you all, bye.

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