Friday, January 29, 2010

29 Jan 2010 email

Hey there,

Well it is my second week here and it is really picking up now. The days are going by so much quicker now and the food is still really tasty. I have been having a really fun time here at the MTC. Our zone floor always comes up with these crazy games and ideas to do on our down time. I guess this one game is pretty popular at BYU but it is called Ninja Assassin. You basically start the game in a ninja position and you stay in that position unless your attacked. You take turns trying to slap each others hand quick enough before they pull away. So through out the game you are jumping around like a ninja and striking at each other haha. I am starting to find out the ends and outs about the MTC also, like how to control the shower water that has only two temperature options: scolding hot and ice cold. In our classes we are making contacts in Spanish already and we have to do 4 of them a day as of now. We are learning also how to teach the lessons to the needs of the investigators. It is hard and confusing sometimes but it is getting better. The other day Elder Uchtdorf came to the MTC and greeted the new missionaries. I didn't get to see him but I heard it was really cool. Stephen A. Snow of the Seventy came and spoke to us last Tuesday and it was really awesome. He talked about his experiences while on a mission and different attributes we should take on to be an effective missionary. This next Tuesday Elder Kunz and I are going to try to get a seat in the front on the side so that we can meet the speakers when they enter and leave. We never know if it is going to be an Apostle, Seventy, or even the Prophet so we will be there just in case. Last week we got to sing in the MTC Choir and it was a really cool experience. We sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer. So I have been having a really great time here at the MTC and I can't wait for what is to come. Well thanks again. I Love you and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for all of the letters already and the quotes from Stake Conference.

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