Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Wow that is awesome to hear that everyone is having a good time and that you guys are all ready for the homecoming of Rachel. What do you guys have planned to do? What is Rachel planning on doing? Who is going to the homecoming? That is really cool. Ya pretty much everyone is going home now that I know here. I am used to say my goodbyes and being around people heading for the house.

Dad that is awesome that everything is going great for you and your new calling. I am glad that you are feeling a especially spiritual high now in your life. I love that feeling here on the mission. I remember when you were the ward secretary and you sat up there on the right taking number of everyone and we would go up there to draw pictures and stuff. I remember once I drew a brown train. Don´t ask me why I remember that.

I didn´t know that you had pictures printed out of crazy animals here. That grashopper was pretty fierce. But ya I keep seeing crazy and strange stuff everyday here. I know I have sent you a few pictures of some of the plants in our garden but there are a few others that are weird. One is a plant that just has a ball of grass growing at the end of it. I don´t know what in the world it is. Supposedly there are plants here that if you touch one it can almost kill you. I came in counter with a crazy plant the other day way out in the boondocks of my area. It looked like a spiky enlarged green bean. I was very interested in it and grabbed it when it just exploded in my hands and shout wet black seeds all over my shirt and on my comps face. It was quite the surprise. I will look for another the next time I see one and send a picture.

Thanks for those conversions from mililiters to cups because I haven´t made any potatoes yet not wanting to ruin it. There are no measurements of cups here so it can be difficult to make stuff here. Everyone just guess here so that doesn´t help. I will whip up a batch of it as soon as I can now. But you are liking that Cacao mix then Dad? Has Mom tried it out yet or are you on your own. If you want I can send more. It is really cheap here.

As for changes I don´t have any and neither does Elder Sosa so we will have 4 1/2 months together. This Saturday will be the baptism of Jose Reyes Calero so that is cool. Man it is tough to go down there to visit him and his wife. They live really far and down a steep hill. It takes about an hour to walk there from our house. And they always have wormy mangos waiting for us when we get down there. Yum. Mango season is over but they still have mangos, what does that tell you. It is a sacrifice but sacrifices bring blessings. I am doing fine stomach and health wise so don´t worry. I have formed quite the steel stomach. This Sunday we had two families at church so that was great.

Other great news is that we have fairies in our new house. Every few days we come home and the house, dishes, and the bathroom is completely clean. Can you believe it!? They finally found me here in Nicaragua! So that is really nice. Well I can´t send any pictures this week because the computer I am using is really really slow, sorry. For Pday today we got permission to see Cars 2. We used the big screen at the chapel, made food, cake, and played soccer. We got a super Pday because we baptized a lot this month as a zone so that was cool. I didn´t see much of the movie but it seemed pretty action packed. I also found out that President Ward in Panama is the uncle of our zome leader here named Elder Ward so that was pretty cool.

Well I love you all lots and lots and extra lots

Free Willy Hearts

Elder Ochs

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