Monday, August 22, 2011

Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Well again the computer I am using is really slow and won´t let me put up my photos. I have a lot to send. But other than that it is good to hear that everything is going great at home and what not. That is awesome that you got to go down south to visit and the Frisbee Golf sounds pretty fun to try out when I get back. I think I have played it before and I think it was pretty fun too. Yosemite, that is awesome also. I have been telling people here about Yosemite and they are really interested.

So Jose Reyes Calero is doing great and he is ready for this Saturday to get baptized. We have been passing by to see if everything is going fine and he is good, even better than before. They are going to get married and he will baptized that very day.

This Sunday we got to see the dedication of the El Salvador Temple and that was really cool. I remember going to see one when I was younger but I didn't put too much attention to it because I don´t remember it. This one was really cool. Did you know that Elder Christofferson can speak Spanish and pretty well? He must have served his mission in a Spanish country or something. Elder Eyring had a translator for him and he was pretty funny during the setting of the cornerstone. The day before we got to see the cultural acts and dances of El Salvador so that was cool too. Our Zone has a lot of El Salvadoreans so they were excited for that.

Rachel, your friend from the mission did come and he was at the dedication. I think he is engaged to the sister of Hermana Calero. But he always talks to me when he has the chance and said he was talking to you on Facebook. He brought me a lot of mamones from his house because the Caleros told him I like them a lot. I got sick off of mamones. But he is pretty cool. Rachel, I also saw a pair of your pants the other day. I was sitting in a chair underneath some drying clothes and your pants where on my head. Those brown ones I guess that didn´t fit you anymore. Hermana Calero says that she loves you a bucopocoton, what ever that means.

So it has been really cool here in La Concha. I am learning a lot here and I have grown a lot. It has been a little difficult here than my other areas but that is what has helped me grow. Thank you Rachel for that talk about trials. I will read it when I get back home tonight. Well I love you guys tons and tons of tons.

Momotombo Hearts

Elder Ochs

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