Monday, August 15, 2011

Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 2:02 PM

Dang that is crazy that everyone is now in the house. I have received two emails about homecomings and being in the house and everything. Elder Montierth is going crazy at home with all of the world´s stuff and everything, but he is doing great. But I didn´t get an up to date email from Rachel being home. What is she doing to pass the time. Is she going to apply for BYU?

Actually it is just one fairy that comes and cleans the house. It is the lady that owns the house and she is a clean freak so she comes to clean it almost every other day when we leave. No she is really nice and even cooks breakfast and dinner for us if we ask her to. She just says to buy the supplies and she will do the rest for us. It is cool so I am not complaining.

Dad I am sorry that you didn´t like the papaya drink. Was it natural or just flavored powder to mix. If it was the latter than I am sure that it wouldn´t taste that good. The natural one is good and it doesn´t usually smell that bad.

As for Jose Reyes Calero, he wasn´t able to get baptized this week. On Thursday him and his wife got into an argument and he took off to hang out with "friends" and he drunk. We came to talk to him and he feels really bad for what he did. He has to go through a process of repentance now so it may be a week or two more till he can get baptized. This Sunday he still went to church but his wife didn't come. He really likes the church and is eager to be member. He was the only investigator that went to church. That kind of stinks because a lot told us they would be going. During the Priesthood session Chema had a really good input. He compared Rambo to the Law of Chasity somehow and it was pretty funny because it had nothing to do with what the lesson was about.

I don´t have the memory to my camera with me so this email is going to be really short. I will remember to bring it next week to send.

Well I love you guys lots and lots

Underground Railroad Heart

Elder Ochs

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