Monday, January 17, 2011

Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 12:35 PM

So it sounds like there was a lot of eventful and great stuff that happened this last week. Thanks for all of those photos, they were really awesome. Who was all able to go inside and see the sealing? I am really happy for Hillary that she got married to such a cool guy. Tell them congrats.

That is awesome to hear that Israel will be serving the Lord for two years in Tampa, Florida. I think that is the mission from where Elder Feliciano is from actually. Do you know if needs to learn another language there? It is pretty much Nicaragua there from what I have heard so he may have some similar experiences with crazies. I still want to hear from him though.

Yes, Presidente Monestel is pretty crazy and definitely pushes us to work work and work. He sets pretty awesome goals for us.

Yes Dad, I meant Puerto Cabezas and yes it is really far away from here haha.

Dad I really like the Language of Faith topic you talked about. It really does all have to do with the faith.

So I am here in Ciudad Sandino again for another change but I love it. I love it here and what I am learning. I am excited to get some more work done here. I am also training another Elder from the states. He was actually born in the Philippines but moved to the states when he was 10. He is pretty short and doesn´t talk that much. He is someone that I will learn a lot from. He speaks English and also the language from the island. I am going to try to get him speaking and teaching quick so he can be pilas.

I am sending a few photos: first Elder Feliciano and Elder Santos, my new comp, My comp and a member that works with us, The little girl of our dinner cita named Gemita that I have seen grow about half of her life, and the family that we baptized last week from Puerto Cabeza  Pic 1  Pic 2. I still don´t have the baptismal photo because Elder Feliciano has it. We are going to get this family Cruz baptized before the end of this month.

Well I don´t have very much time so I am going to send this off and I want to say thanks for all the love and support. Big Hearts and talk to you next week.

Elder Ochs

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