Monday, January 10, 2011

Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Hey it sounds like everyone is doing fine up there in the States. Don´t worry I am still loving it here in Nicaragua. It also sounds like you guys are pretty busy with the wedding of Hillary and Justin. That was a really awesome wedding invitation that they sent out. The Gatorade and Kool Aid idea is hilarious and it fits them perfectly, haha. Best of wishes to them and I hope that it all works out great. Mom it sounds like you have a lot on your hands. Do you get the wedding stuff done while you are taking care of Rose? Tell Dan to just wait till I get back, haha. Hey Dad I got plenty of Mentos here but I will let you know when I need more.

Hey for my Valentines package, if you can put some more of those Propel packets that would be great. Chocolate is fine to send here. Maybe if in the future you could send me my Dakine backpack. The one I brought has finally retired and The Nansport I bought here isn't doing that great a job. It is a Nicaraguan Jansport ripoff, haha. For now I found a cool white Burton backpack for 6 dollars and 50 cents but I plan on giving it away. So if you could send me my Dakine backpack that would be great.

So we find out changes some time today and if we hear while we are writing I will let you know. I heard a rumor that I will be staying for another change though, which would make 7 1/2 months here in Sandino, which I have no problem with. I still got work to get done here. But ya it is really awesome being here with Elder Kunz again. We still get along just as great as ever. He is comps with Elder Montierth. Elder Young went to the Office to more than likely be the next AP for the upcoming change. We will see how he does because he was a pretty goofy guy while with me. He likes mayonnaise a lot, haha. I will also have about 9 months with Elder Montierth if I stay another change. We have been making a lot of plans for when we get back because his house is just in Arizona. There is a good possibility that you guys will see him at the airport when I get back and he may even meet Rachel on one of the connecting flights because they go home at the same time, haha.

So this week in the missionary work was pretty awesome again. Starting it off we went to the market here and did some preaching like Dan Jones in Wales. We got a lot of references and it was pretty fun. We got permission from the Head Market Man to do it too. We have a Less Active we are taking out to work with us because we are getting him ready to serve a mission. He is pretty chubby but cool. There also a lot of other people that go out with us too. This weekend we also baptized the Family Pinirr from the Coast Puerta Cabeza. It was pretty crazy getting them there and getting everything done at the last minute but they got baptized and confirmed. The next morning, Sunday, we got up early to baptize Manual Cruz and then this weekend his wife Albalina and his daughter Piñeta. This was with the help of our good friend Socio or Hermano Falabela. Every time he saves us a baptism we owe him a Coca Cola. So he is living the good life now because he also saved 2 families for another companionship in my district. So we ended the weekend with 5 people and 3 families. It was pretty awesome. Our Zone is really putting the pilas now. We got a goal of 40 for this month and we are already half way there, whoo hoo! I am really glad that God has blessed us so much.

So sorry I can´t send any pictures today because the computer is being weird but next week I will.

Thank you guys so much for the love and support you all always have for us. Thank you a bunch and Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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