Monday, September 6, 2010

Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Hey family and friends. Here it is the last week before changes but I have a high possibility of staying here at least one more change.

So I got my Birthday package and thank you very, very, very much. I really like the goodies inside because you can´t find any of those things here. I am already using the memory flash card. Unfortunately I live with two other misssionaries and they have the only refigerator that I need to use to preserve my food. Whenever I go to get it they just stare at the box so I share with them, haha. I am fine with it because it makes them happy too and most of them have never gotten a package before in their mission. Elder Solorzano has already tried one of each candy I have and loves it. I really liked the card you sent me too, it makes me laugh every time I open it.

Mom keep working with Sheryl and your doing a great job. The video attachment of Steve wasn´t in this email but I did see his belly in the video of Cameron a few times. Those flags are really awesome looking and those photos of my room made me really trunky but I really liked them. I like all of the photos that you send to me so don´t worry about holding back. Ya it is alright that you eat Mexican food without me, haha. So they made a "Wimpy Kid" movie? The books are really funny also. I have a few of them on my shelf, and if not Anna has all of them. You need to send a picture of Aaron with his future wife. Tell Milo thanks for defending my dreams but if he can, take the mice with him because we got plenty here.

I am sending a few pictures of our apartment in Ciudad Sandino. Here is the front of our apartment, the hallway to our bedrooms, our Kitchen, our Study Room (with Elder Garcia), our bedroom, and our back porch. As you can see the rooms our very colorful.

So here in Sandino this last week wasn´t all that crazy but we did have 20 hours of training with our Mission President. That was pretty tiring but totally worth it. We learned a new way of teaching and studying so we have a lot to practice. It is no longer just going and teaching lessons but now we are teaching people. It makes it more difficult to do planning for them because it can change on the spot. We need to listen to what the Spirit wants us to teach. I will let you know how that goes as we work on it. We also learned how to put commitments with our investigators and a bunch of other stuff.

So we found a family of 7 the other day when looking for a certain soda at a pulperías, (a small stores with random stuff, usually it is on the front porch of a house.) The Mom is a Jehovas Witness but the rest of the family doesnt have a religion. She is a little tough but if we can get her to change the rest of the family will too. Her name is Nanci and her husband is Orlando. The nice part about teaching at the pulpería is that the family gives us snacks and drinks when we visit, yum yum. Now the Mission is putting a big focus on finding families.

I forgot to tell you last week but I finally memorized the Family Proclamation to the World in Spanish. I am pretty sure I am the only one that did it in the zone and I am not sure about the mission. But we are working hard here and thanks for all of your prayers for me while here in Nicaragua. I see the blessings here everyday and I really appreciate them

Love you Lots and Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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