Monday, August 30, 2010

Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Hey thanks for the news and updates. It sounds like there are a bunch of missionaries out in the field now. How many plaques are there up on that wall now in the church? (The answer is 12!) Did you see Elder Hayette or Elder Gutierrez at the farewell talk? usually all of the missionaries go to that.

No I haven`t got my birthday package yet but it will probably be here soon. For my birthday I decorated the page in my agenda but other than that it wasn`t very different from any other day. My comp gave me a toy owl that looks like Hedwig. I was also sick that day so I didn`t feel like doing much. It is weird to think that I have entered a new decade. Only last decade I was in Primary. I wonder where I will be at the end of this one?

So the broken collar guy is better now and now we can`t find him at home. He always takes off and he doesn`t come back home till late at night. I liked it better when he was bedridden haha. We have three other guys we are trying to get baptized but they are being difficult. This change has been a little bit tougher than the other ones.

Our dinner lady was telling us the other day that she had the most wonderful dessert the other day. She didn`t remember what it was called but she described it it for me. It was a Milky Way McFlurry from McDonalds haha. I warned her though and told her to watch out eating at McDonalds because how big it can get you. She also had a dessert or maybe more of a appetizer or something for us too after dinner. She brought out a plate that looked like it had ping pong balls on it. They were actually Turtle eggs and partially cooked. What you had to do is tear the shell which was soft and then suck out the inside stuff. My turtle was already forming so it was a little meaty. I ate two of them.

So I have been having a really great time here in Sandino with all of the other missionaries. Thanks for always writing and telling me how it is going there in Oakdale. I like hearing what is going on. Love you lots and Big Hearts.

Elder Ochs

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