Monday, September 13, 2010

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 1:03 PM

Hey, so I am here in Ciudad Sandino for another change with Elder Garcia again. We also got a new Zone Leader. We have two greengo Zone Leaders here and that doesn´t usually happen, but it is cool. Especially because it is Elder Montierth from Managua. We used to go on divisions and what not all the time in Managua so that is awesome. So we also have a new area here called Xiloa which is where we went those Pdays to fish in the lake. Now there are 18 Missionaries in the zone and most of them are greengos haha. Ya Mom I really liked the card you guys sent. The dancing baby always cheers me up. The 20 hour thing with the Mission President wasn´t just us two but two zones so you don't have to worry why the Mission President was spending so much time with us. I have gotten a little off track reading the Old Testament because I have been studying a bunch of other stuff. That Zuccuni surprise actually sounds good now that I have been here haha. Living here has made me appreciate a lot of foods.

So this last week our Mission President has really put a emphasis on families. Our zone leaders set a new goal for all of the zone that we need to contact 10 new families everyday. We just have to talk to anyone that has a baby in there hands or a guy next to them. We have been working really hard to achieve this goal and there have definitely been results. Our agendas are full of people that we have to stop by and teach now, and the majority are only families. One lady we contacted Saturday night and then came with us Sunday the next day to church with her kid. Her name is Marta and now she is our new investigator. We are preparing a guy named Denis for baptism this Saturday to complete a family but first we are working with him to quit smoking. We are passing by every day to see how he is doing and to help him out. The Jehovah Witness family really likes us missionaries and they are opening up more to us now. Hopefully they can progress along and then the extended family.

So last night was a really crazy lightening storm. We were at our dinner cita when it hit and we were stuck in there a little while until there was a space of time when we could run to our house. The wind was blowing, lightening cracking all around, thunder booming, and a whole lot of rain. It was pretty cool. I am now washing my own clothes in a stone basin/sink thing. You put soap onto the clothes and then scrub it against the stone. It gets pretty clean and then we hang it up on the wires to dry. I usually wash what I need for the next day the night before and then let it dry over night. It isn´t that bad. I am also ironing them. It doesn´t really matter if your shirt isn´t completely dry because it will eventually get wet again some time during the day.

Well I am having a great time here in Ciudad Sandino. Thanks for helping and supporting me. Love you lots and Big Hearts

Elder Ochs

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